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Pro Tip: Cobra Golf AIR-X Drivers Feel Weightless

Pro Tip: Cobra Golf AIR-X Drivers Feel Weightless

The 2022 Cobra drivers fall into two lines of golf clubs meant to help golfers of all skill levels push their golf game to the next level. The Cobra LTDx drivers are all about maximizing shot distance while the Cobra AIR-X drivers give golfers effortless distance with their lightweight construction.

Designed for beginners through highly skilled golfers, the new Cobra drivers in the AIR-X line can give anyone a smooth experience that makes every shot feel better than the last.

In addition to digging into who the Cobra AIR-X drivers are best suited for and what makes them unique, we’ll take a look at how Cobra Golf differentiated the AIR-X drivers from the LTDx drivers and RADSPEED drivers.

How Cobra Golf Made Their Lightest Driver Yet

The Cobra drivers in the AIR-X line are made of lightweight carbon to create the lightest club head Cobra has ever engineered. The lightness of the club makes the driver easier to swing and allows smoother, more consistent strokes that feel totally effortless. See your golf ball fly through the air at faster speeds thanks to the increased swing speed.

It’s not just the lightweight material that makes the Cobra AIR-X drivers unique. They’ve been engineered with several other details to optimize your performance. For example, the clubface has been specifically engineered so that even when you don’t hit the ball directly in the center of the face, you’ll still see your typical distance off the tee.

The Cobra AIR-X Offset Driver and the AIR-X Straight Neck Driver

Cobra AIR-X Offset Driver

There are two versions of the new Cobra driver available: the AIR-X Offset Driver and the AIR-X Straight Neck Driver. For the former, not only does the Offset Driver help deliver on distance, but the weighting in the heel and the offset hosel also help you straighten your shots and fix your slice. This is a great option for golfers with mid to high handicaps looking for a lightweight driver with some draw bias.

Cobra AIR-X Straight Neck Driver

For golfers without slice tendencies, there’s the AIR-X Straight Neck Driver, which will just as easily ensure a straight shot, but without the assistance of offset weighting. The design of the straight neck club will help you drive longer, straighter shots down the fairway off the tee. This club is appropriate for high to mid handicap players who want a driver that’s consistently smooth. Lower handicaps will want to consider the Cobra LTDx drivers.


How the AIR-X Drivers Compare to Other Cobra Drivers

Cobra LTDx Driver

There are two new 2022 Cobra drivers for you to choose from, depending on exactly what you’re looking for: the AIR-X for a lightweight feel and effortless strokes and the Cobra LTDx drivers for serious distance gains and ball speed.

While the AIR-X comes in two models that correct or maintain straight ball flight, the LTDx drivers come in three models: the LTDx Driver, LTDX LS Driver (for low spin) and LTDx MAX Driver (with a built-in draw bias). Depending on your swing, skill level and what you’re looking for in your game (feel of a lightweight club vs distance), the AIR-X and LTDx drivers have something for everyone.

Cobra RADSpeed  Driver

The Cobra RADSPEED drivers, on the other hand, are characterized by their radial weighting, which, according to Cobra Golf, helps deliver ultimate ball speed, stability and long distance, even on off-center hits. The models include the RADSPEED Driver, RADSPEED XB Driver (the most forgiving in the line) and RADSPEED XD Driver (with draw bias to help correct your slice).

Ultimately, when it comes down to choosing the right Cobra driver for you, a lot depends on your handicap and the features you’re looking for in a driver. It’s a big decision to make, which is why GlobalGolf has specifically designed a suite of services to ensure you get the right Cobra driver in your hands.

If you still need to learn a bit more about which type of driver is best for you, it’s time to turn to GlobalGolf’s USelect™, which is a driver selector tool that generates personalized golf club recommendations. Once you’re narrowed down your choices, use UTry® to demo the clubs for 14 days on your own driving range. If you love the Cobra driver, keep it; otherwise, ship it back for free.

Once you feel confident about your purchase, save money with UTrade-In™, which allows you to trade in your current set of clubs for credit. Another option is purchasing used Cobra drivers, which is a smart way to save while taking advantage of quality clubs that have been rarely played.

No matter how or what you purchase, GlobalGolf is here to make sure you have total confidence in the golf clubs you choose.

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