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    Pro Tip: Used Putters Worth the Hype

    Pro Tip: Used Putters Worth the Hype

    When you’re in the market for a putter and don’t want to compromise on quality or an affordable price, used putters are the smart way to go. Often, used putters are in great shape and haven’t been used as frequently as you might expect, meaning you can take advantage of fantastic technology for a better price than brand new models.

    If you’re taking the time to look at used putters and you’re considering trying a new brand, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start with so many top options. We’ve rounded up some pointers to get you started so you can find the right used putters to add to your golf brand. After reading through our options, don’t forget to check out USelect® - our putter selector tool.

    Top Brands and Product Lines for Used Putters

    There are so many top putter brands out there, but when it comes to used putters, you want to consider brands known for equipment that’s built to last so you can guarantee quality even when it’s not brand new when you purchase it.

    When selecting the right used putter for you, consider the following:

    • The shape of your putting stroke

    • Your preferred putter head style

    • Weighting

    Used TaylorMade Putters

    TaylorMade Spider Tour Black Double Bend Putter
    TaylorMade Spider FCG #1 Putter

    If there’s a brand you can depend on to build incredible golf clubs inside and out it’s TaylorMade Golf. When you’re looking for used putters, TaylorMade’s technology ensures quality clubs that continue to perform for years to come.

    The line you should consider when looking at used TaylorMade putters is the Spider line, which are some of the most popular putters among players on tour. Their unique alignment guide and the continuous improvements made to this line year after year - including things like greater forgiveness and stability, the smoothest possible contact and options with high-MOI for players with an arc in their putt - have made Spider putters a household name.

    In selecting the right used TaylorMade putters for you, there is a wide variety of TaylorMade Spider putters with different putter head styles and fixes for every kind of arc. For example, the TaylorMade FCG Spider is ideal for anyone with an arced putt, while a TaylorMade Spider Tour Black was built for a wide range of alignments and features a movable weight so you can control the weight in your putter’s head.


    Used Scotty Cameron Putters

    Titleist Scotty Cameron GoLo 3 Putter
    Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance Putter

    For a proven winning putter, many in golf immediately think of Titleist’s Scotty Cameron putters, which have so often been in the hands of champions during big golf victories, from Tiger Woods to Bernhard Langer. And because Scotty Cameron putters aren’t lacking for laurels, choosing to purchase a used Scotty Cameron putter can be a smart investment, both in your game and for your wallet.

    It’s hard to go wrong with any model of Scotty Cameron putter – it all comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking to get out of your equipment.

    The Scotty Cameron GoLo offers the right mix of stability and balance and is specifically designed to decrease the chances of twisting at the face. For a completely different shape, the Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance offers maximum stability through its counterbalance weight. You also know you’re in perfect alignment with its T-shaped sight lines.


    Used PING Putters

    Ping 2021 Fetch Mallet Putter
    Ping Heppler Piper Armlock Putter

    The first place to start when looking at used PING putters is at the cutting-edge lineup of PING 2021 putters, like the Ping 2021 Fetch Mallet Putter or the PING 2021 Harwood Mallet Putter. Both of these mallet-style putters offer remarkable forgiveness and the right level of control for both short and long distance putts.

    If mallet putters aren’t for you, then take a look at the PING Sigma 2 Anser, which has a more traditional shape. PING keeps improving their iconic Anser putters every year, but no matter which one you get, you can expect a solid performance and help correcting your arc if you have one.

    If you favor the arm lock technique, then the PING Heppler Piper Armlock Putter should carry great appeal. This PING Heppler putter stays firm on impact, giving you that much desired sound before sinking a putt. With excellent CG (center of gravity) you can count on this Heppler putter to deliver on improved accuracy and consistency and be added to your own personal Gold Vault.


    Used Cleveland Putters

    Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier 10.5 OS Putter
    Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 Putter

    If you still mainly associate Cleveland Golf with wedges, you’re missing out on the powerful potential of Cleveland putters. The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach putter has emerged as a top choice among golfers who appreciate a classic look and a soft feel.

    Used Cleveland Golf Huntington putters are available in a mallet style, like the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier 10.5 OS Putter, and a traditional style, like the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 Putter. What differentiates Cleveland’s putters is the emphasis on their soft touch, which offers better distance control and aims to keep you from coming up short.


    Used Odyssey Putters

    Odyssey White Hot Pro Rossie Putter
    Odyssey White Hot RX V-Line Putter

    The latest line of Callaway Odyssey putters is the Tri-Hot putters, but don’t overlook the equally advanced Odyssey White Hot putters when considering used clubs. What sets Odyssey White Hot putters apart is the signature White Hot insert, which is a soft core specifically designed for an ultra soft feel.

    The Odyssey White Hot RX, in particular, is ideal for a player looking for better control over the roll of their ball and their putting speeds. Another great option, especially for a used putter, is the Odyssey White Hot Pro Russie Putter, which has a Gun Metal PVD finish, which not only gives it a non-glare look through the stroke, but also increases wear resistance; even their used putters will be incredibly durable.


    Buying Used Putters on GlobalGolf

    If you’re sold on buying used putters, GlobalGolf is here to help you through the process of how to buy used golf clubs. Through our signature suite of services, it couldn’t be easier to make the right choice for you and your game and even receive credit for trading in your current golf clubs.

    To narrow down the right brand and model for you, use GlobalGolf’s USelect® putter selector tool. After a few short questions we’ll make a putter recommendation based on your individual responses. If any of the above putters caught your eye, you can also filter recommendations by brand.

    Once you’ve determined the putters that look right for you, make a plan to demo these putters through UTry® on your own local golf course. If you find it’s a perfect fit, you can keep the putter and watch yourself sinking more putts than ever.

    Another way you can save money with GlobalGolf is through UTrade-In® where you can trade in your current golf clubs to earn credit toward your next purchase. This way you’ll have plenty of new clubs in your future.