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Pro Tip: Align Your Golf Ball To Sink More Putts

Pro Tip Golf Balls - Sink More Putts with Lines

Lines on golf balls can play a large role in helping you align your putter and sink your putts. Some golfers choose to draw a line down one side of the golf ball; usually this requires either a very steady hand or the help of a stencil. Other golfers use the ball brand’s logo or skip the line entirely and eyeball the intended line.

Recently, two of the most popular golf ball brands on the market have released unique golf balls with alignment lines to aid you when lining up putts on the green or even when teeing up.

Whatever approach works best for you, there’s no beating Pro Tip #9 - don’t just aim your putts, align them. Make those 3-footers easier on yourself and avoid the heartache.

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

All of us are familiar with the typical line markings on a standard issue range ball - one, two or three lines on either side of the word RANGE. Well, thanks to Callaway’s Triple Track golf balls, you can now get that same look with all the performance of a high-quality ball. Callaway Triple Track gets its name from the 3 lines on the golf ball - 2 blue, 1 red.

These three lines make lining up putts a breeze, and you no longer have to worry about getting that all-important line on the side of your ball with a stencil and a permanent marker. If you want to make your life even easier, check out the Odyssey Triple Track 2 putters, which line up perfectly to these Callaway golf balls. Pairing this putter and golf ball from Callaway can shave strokes off your game.

The Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track balls are the same great product - just with a different alignment aid - and it performs just as well as the blank or TRUVIS versions.


Titleist Pro V1 Alignment Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 Alignment Golf Balls

If you prefer a more subtle alignment aid on the side of your ball with similar performance, look no further than the Titleist Pro V1 Alignment golf balls. The most popular Titleist golf ball now comes with more than arrows on either side of the model name.

Starting in 2020, both the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls and Titleist Pro V1x golf balls are now offered with two thin, solid black lines bracketing the Pro V1 name. This alignment marking is smaller than the Triple Track but no less effective for golfers looking for additional guidance lining up their putts.


Line Up Your Golf Ball - Sink More Putts

Several studies have shown lining up putts helps you sink more putts from inside 10 feet. With this knowledge, Callaway and Titleist are making it much easier to remember to do so and avoid the task of imperfectly marking one’s own golf balls.

Try one or both out today and see which you like more; if you’re not sure which golf ball is best for you, GlobalGolf’s golf ball selector tool - USelect® - can help you figure it out almost instantaneously.

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