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  • Pro Tip: Grab One of These Top Golf Drivers of 2020

    Pro Tip Find Your Max Distance

    This year has been abnormal in many ways, but one constant was golf manufacturers delivering consumers even better drivers than last year’s models. They were somehow more forgiving and longer than prior driver models. TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra and Mizuno all created award-winning, fan-favorite drivers that will remain in players’ bags for at least a season or two to come. Check out some of the best below and if you can’t decide, try them side by side via Utry®!

    TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

    TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver

    Golfers looking for an abundance of technology in their drivers typically gravitate toward TaylorMade, as the company is known for pushing the limits of design and technology elements. At the beginning of 2020, TaylorMade moved on from their highly successful M lineup for the new SIM family of metalwoods and irons.

    Like its predecessors, each SIM driver head has been individually calibrated and injected with SpeedFoam™ to reach the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed. What this means for golfers is every single TaylorMade driver clubhead is quality-checked to be as fast as possible for maximum distance.

    TwistFace reduces side spin and delivers straighter shots on off-center strikes by reimagining the curvature of the face. Traditional driver faces have a ‘bulge and roll’ shape, whereas TwistFace was designed to promote more gear effect back into the fairway on toe and heel misses.

    Top 3 Reasons to Buy the TaylorMade SIM Max Driver:

    1. The TaylorMade SIM Max is long and forgiving -- With a deeper face than the regular SIM driver, the SIM Max has increased playability and forgiveness for average golfers.

    2. The sound -- Taking feedback from pros and consumers alike, the SIM Max has been tuned for optimal sound which subconsciously increases confidence with every strike.

    3. Sole reshaped for more swing speed -- The biggest change from the M to SIM drivers is the shape of the sole. The SIM Max and all other SIM driver models feature a sole that optimizes clubhead speed. The Inertia Generator is strategically angled to reduce drag on the downswing.

    Overall, the TaylorMade SIM Max driver is a high-performer for mid to high-handicappers looking for distance and forgiveness on every swing.

    Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

    Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

    Another new driver from the beginning of 2020 is the Callaway Mavrik Max driver from the new family of Mavrik golf clubs. The Mavrik builds upon the technology that was first introduced back in the Callaway Epic and then in the Epic Flash drivers. The main piece of technology is the revolutionary Flash Face SS20, which was designed by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) on a supercomputer, and Jailbreak, which adds stability between the sole and crown of the drivers.

    Top 3 Reasons to Buy the Callaway Mavrik Max Driver:

    1. The sound of distance -- Much like the TaylorMade SIM Max, the Callaway Mavrik Max was redesigned with acoustics top of mind. The prior model made a sound at impact that was an acquired taste. The Mavrik’s sound appeals to a wider array of players.

    2. Fast Face -- Much has been made about the Flash Face that was introduced a few years ago, and it has only gotten better. This technology gives golfers more distance regardless where the ball hits the clubface. The new Flash Face SS20 in the Callaway Mavrik is stronger and lighter than previous versions and has been optimized for speed, forgiveness and spin.

    3. Interchangeable weights -- The Mavrik Max driver is the easier-to-hit driver relative to the standard Mavrik due to its two interchangeable weights that can be swapped for either maximum forgiveness or a maximum draw configuration to kill the dreaded slice.

    The newest iteration of Flash Face in the Mavrik Max helps players of all abilities maximize ball speed, regardless of where the ball is struck. This means one thing: more distance, more often. Or are those two things? You get the idea...

    Cobra King SpeedZone Driver

    Cobra King SpeedZone Driver

    Bryson DeChambeau’s driver has been making waves in the hands of the longest driver on the PGA TOUR. The King SpeedZone driver features an expansive CNC milled face. The Cobra Golf King SpeedZone driver offers 95 percent more face milling that wraps into the toe and heel section of the clubhead, allowing for a larger sweet spot for faster ball speeds. Even on mishits, you’ll still see exceptional distance and lower spin to avoid huge misses.

    Top 3 Reasons to Buy the Cobra King SpeedZone Driver:

    1. Emphasis on forgiveness via clubhead weight -- The King SpeedZone driver features a lot of carbon fiber, which increases stiffness while allowing more weight to be lower and further back in the clubhead; this all increases forgiveness.

    2. Spin killer -- With almost 70 grams of mass positioned as low as possible, the King SpeedZone driver is designed to launch the ball higher with less spin, thus creating more distance.

    3. All about speed -- The clubhead shape of the King SpeedZoneGolfers was designed with one thing in mind: speed. It’s aerodynamic design allows for increased clubhead speed due to less drag.

    All of this adds up to a very forgiving and long Cobra driver for the masses. While it might not be as mainstream among your foursome like the TaylorMade and Callaway drivers, the King SpeedZone will appeal to many golfers if given the chance.

    Better yet, you can try the Cobra King SpeedZone driver before you buy with GlobalGolf’s Utry®. Try it out where, when and how you want under real world circumstances. Take the demo club for a spin and experience the unparalleled sound and feel. Utry® is the simplest and safest way to demo golf products, starting at just $25 for 14 days.

    Mizuno ST200G Driver

    Mizuno ST200G Driver

    Everyone knows that Mizuno has made some of the best irons for decades. This reputation makes the latest line of ST200 drivers fly under the radar, but make no mistake -- the ST200 drivers are excellent.

    Top 3 Reasons to Buy the Mizuno ST200G Driver:

    1. Ultra-adjustability -- With the Fast Track system, which consists of two 7-gram sliding weights on the sole, you can move them toward the rear of the club or close to the face to increase or lower spin rate, as well as introduce draw and fade bias.

    2. Stronger face -- The forged titanium face is stronger than previous models and more solid at impact. It provides an excellent feel for better players.

    3. Look, sound and feel -- Mizuno has gone away from their striking blue color in favor of a more traditional black with carbon fiber crown. Like the TaylorMade SIM and Callaway Mavrik drivers, the ST200G driver has also been designed with sound in mind while retaining a classic Mizuno feel.

    So, if you’re looking for a highly adjustable driver, the Mizuno ST200G should be near the top of your list. The driver’s low spin performance and maximum adjustability allows golfers to take one side of the course out of play and really control their ball flight off the tee.

    These are just a few of the best drivers of 2020. If you’re thinking about buying other golf clubs for the golfers in your lives, check out our guide with some helpful questions. To explore even more golf gift options for every type of golfer, check out these other gift guides from GlobalGolf: