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    Pro Tip: How to Give Someone the Perfect Golf Club

    Updated: Oct 13, 2023
    Pro Tip Give the Gift of Golf

    While it’s almost that time of year when holiday gifting ramps up, it’s always a great time to give that special someone in your life the gift of a new golf club (or clubs).

    However, even if you’re both golfers, it can be tough figuring out which golf club best fits their style and golf game. And if you know nothing about golf, the sheer number of options can certainly be overwhelming. Pro tip #54 -- ask yourself (and, if possible, your friend or loved one) these questions so you can find them the perfect golf club.

    The Pros at GlobalGolf can help with some basic questions that will steer you in the right direction and help you ace your selection. How do we know? GlobalGolf is the only online golf club retailer that employs PGA Professionals and Club Experts for superior advice. Let’s dive in so you can pick the perfect golf club gift.

    Below are five important questions you should answer before buying golf clubs for someone else.

    1. Does the person use right-handed or left-handed golf clubs?

    This question is rather obvious, but there are occasionally golfers who may be right-handed but play golf left-handed. The most famous example of this is Phil Mickelson since he grew up mirroring his dad’s swing. While lefties make up around 10% of the world’s population, the number of left-handed golfers is roughly half that number. It is always a smart idea to be sure on this point!

    2. Does the person have a golf brand/manufacturer they favor?

    PING G410 Driver

    If you’ve played golf with the person before, you likely know what kind of clubs the person plays; if not, you can take a look at their golf bag. Most golf clubs have can’t-miss logos, and the woods typically have headcovers emblazoned with manufacturer logos. If the person has only one brand in his or her golf bag, it’s probably pretty easy to guess they’ll like many offerings from that manufacturer. If not, it gives you a bit more leeway in selecting the perfect club.

    A few of the biggest name brands in golf include:

    • Callaway -- Creates golf clubs, golf balls and golf accessories with investment in artificial intelligence, imagination and deep R&D resources.

    • Titleist -- Strives to develop the highest quality and best performing golf clubs, golf balls and golf equipment through craftsmanship, technology and performance for all golfers.

    • TaylorMade -- Committed to combining innovation with authenticity, to always be passionate about the game, be competitive, work hard and help every golfer play better.

    • PING -- In 1959, PING began as a putter company that has been innovating through custom fitting to help all golfers play their best.

    • Cleveland/Srixon -- Make golf clubs, golf balls and golf accessories to help every player on their journey to becoming better.

    • Cobra -- Known for innovation and golf clubs designed for increasing swing and ball speed.

    • Mizuno -- Famous Japanese golf club brand whose forged irons are renowned for their sweet feel; preferred by better golfers around the world.

    3. Is there a club they have been looking to replace or add to their golf bag?

    Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter

    Golfers usually change out their clubs after various lengths of time. There are some players that get a new driver year in and year out. Some do the same with putters. The opposite end of the spectrum is also true. There are plenty of players that have gamed the same putter for decades.

    In general, irons typically last three to five years and wedges tend to see performance deteriorate after a couple years. On the other hand, when players find fairway woods or hybrids they like and hit well, they can stay in their bag even longer.

    4. How fast do they swing a golf club? What is their ideal shaft flex?

    TaylorMade Sim Fairway Wood

    The answer to this question requires the most knowledge of the recipient’s game. If you don’t have any idea, the best thing to do is look at the golf shafts on their current clubs (assuming you have access). Every shaft has an R (Regular), S (stiff), XS (Extra Stiff), L (Ladies) or A (Senior flex) on it. From there, you can get a good idea of what shaft flex is best for their game.

    5. Does the person prefer new or used golf clubs?

    TaylorMade Hi-Toe Sand Wedge

    Again, this is typically personal preference as both new and used clubs have pros and cons. A new golf club obviously has the latest and greatest technology but also carries the highest price tag. Used clubs might have a previous generation’s technology but also come with a great price discount. For instance, a previous generation driver still has much of the same features and benefits of its newer sibling but could be 20-30% cheaper (while delivering similar results on the course).

    Thankfully, GlobalGolf has a wide selection of both types of clubs. And within the used golf club category, GlobalGolf makes it simple to select the condition of a used golf club. Many in the Certified Pre-Owned condition are hardly distinguishable from new golf clubs.

    While we are here and more than happy to help you navigate your search, having the answers to these questions will help to quickly narrow the choices down and ensure success in getting a golf club (or golf clubs) your loved one will cherish for years to come.

    If you’re worried the golf club you select may not fit your golfer, you will always have the GlobalGolf’s 30-Day playability guarantee. You can return the product for any reason, even if you are unhappy with its performance. You do

    n’t have to explain why you’re returning it -- we’ll take back your purchase even if your golfer changed his or her mind.