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Pro Tip: Cobra Golf Will Royally Improve Your Game

Updated: Jul 14, 2021
Pro Tip Royally Improve Your Game with Cobra King

Every golfer is obsessed with perfecting the game of golf, which is why Cobra Golf is ready to step in with their new KING putter series. Two of the larger opportunities for game improvement lie in putting and driving, and the last few iterations of Cobra golf clubs prove that’s where they’re focused these days.

Cobra Golf has launched quite a few exciting golf club releases in 2021. In the beginning of the year, the Cobra RADSPEED line, particularly the driver, quickly became a favorite. Now, the Cobra KING putter series is making a splash, covering all the bases for game improvement.

What’s most exciting about the Cobra KING putter series is some of the putters have been created with 3D printing technology, while others were designed with a vintage theme in mind. Either way, you have every style to choose from.

Our staff of PGA professionals at GlobalGolf want to assist you on your golf journey, which is why we’re pairing the newest Cobra golf clubs with game improvement pro tips (see what we did there?).

Cobra KING Putters Bring on the Consistency

Cobra King Vintage Nova Putter

Cobra King Vintage Nova Putter

Cobra King Vintage Sport 45 Putter

Cobra King Vintage Sport 45 Putter

Cobra King Vintage Stingray Putter

Cobra King Vintage Stingray Putter

When you first think of improving your golf game, you probably immediately focus on putting; choosing the right putter can make or break your game, which is why the Cobra KING putters come in a variety of designs that fit your putting stroke.

Pro Tip #10 - consistency is the name of the game when it comes to putting. Consistent impact and consistent tempo are the two key areas to concentrate on when working on your putting. You want your golf ball to start on your intended line, and you want the tempo -- no matter the putting stroke preference -- to match your 3-foot putts and your 30-foot putts. We recommend putting mirrors and pendulum-like training aids while you work on these skills.

The Cobra KING putters come as blade putters for those of you with arc putting strokes and mallets for straight putting strokes. When it comes to consistency, Cobra putters rely on their new SIK Golf putter face inserts designed with Descending Loft Technology (DLT); this putter face will allow you to achieve a consistent roll by counteracting any upward direction your stroke may have through impact.

Another way the Cobra KING putters will improve your short game is utilizing adjustable weights. The more a putter weighs, the easier it is to develop a smoother, repeatable tempo.


Cobra RADSPEED Drivers Keep You in the Fairway

Cobra RADSpeed XB Driver

Cobra RADSpeed XB Driver

Another area to focus on when improving your golf game is the driver. Pro Tip #11 -- if you’re not hitting fairways, you’re not setting yourself up for success; hitting the rough doesn’t typically hurt you unless you’re in the thick grass, but going out of bounds, into hazards and behind other golf course obstacles isn’t doing you any favors.

Swinging at 60% of your swing speed will keep you straighter off the tee, but why sacrifice distance? The Cobra RADSPEED driver has a more forgiving clubface, which will tighten your dispersion off the tee while you swing at full power. In addition, the radial weighting in this Cobra Golf driver decreases spin, which increases distance. There are three models of the Cobra RADSPEED driver, so you can choose which driver is right for you.


If you’re looking to improve your game, check out the latest Cobra golf clubs. The KING putter series will give you more consistency on greens and the RADSPEED driver will keep you in the fairway, decreasing your scoring average.