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Pro Tip: Three Cobra LTDx Drivers Will Perfect Your Ball Flight

Updated: Mar 04, 2022
Pro Tip: Three Cobra LTDx Drivers Will Perfect Your Ball Flight

Cobra Golf’s 2022 line includes three LTDx drivers, or the “Longest Total Distance” drivers. Each model has its own advantageous attributes, so we’ll dive into each Cobra driver and help you decide which is the best for you.

The three models are the Cobra LTDx, LTDx LS and LTDx MAX drivers, with the MAX coming in both men’s and women’s versions. The technology in these Cobra drivers are the same, though the extra color options are a perk.

What’s new about the Cobra LTDx drivers? Well, it is the first driver designed with a zero center of gravity (CG) and a high moment of inertia (MOI), making Cobra Golf the king of balance. Keep reading to learn what this means for you and what else you can expect from these new Cobra Golf drivers.

Cobra LTDx Driver Technology vs. Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

Cobra Golf has made some impressive technological advancements since their RADSPEED launch in 2021. The Cobra LTDx drivers take the RADSPEED’s radial weighting technology to the next level, which is now called PWR-COR technology. The weight positions in these new Cobra drivers are some of the most extreme in the market, producing magnificent results.

When you accomplish the balance Cobra has between the CG and MOI, and design your club head with lightweight materials, you’ll find your optimal trajectory. The three different driver models help you choose the driver that fits your golf swing best and gets you to that ideal ball flight.

Another feature to look forward to includes the H.O.T. Face for faster ball speeds and, therefore, longer distances off the tee.

Meet the Three Cobra LTDx Drivers

Curious which Cobra LTDx driver will fit best in your golf bag? Allow us to break it down.

Cobra LTDx Driver

Cobra LTDx Driver

The first new 2022 Cobra driver sets the scene for the rest of the LTDx line. The LTDx driver has the classic Cobra oversized “Xtreme” club head shape and is officially the first driver ever to hit zero CG and 5200 MOI. That means you’ll be launching your golf ball at a lower spin rate for more distance while also increasing your chances of smashing it down the middle of the fairway thanks to the advanced forgiveness.

The Cobra LTDx driver is the perfect middle ground between the LTDx LS and LTDx MAX drivers, combining the best features of both. It also has the medium launch angle you need to optimize your ball flight, and the trajectory comes set for a slight draw or straight ball flight (though these can be adjusted).

Cobra LTDx LS Driver

Cobra LTDx LS Driver

The Cobra LTDx LS driver is the one Bryson DeChambeau plays on the PGA Tour. If Bryson’s playing it, you know you can’t beat the distance it provides. This model really took advantage of the weighting positions so you can leverage Cobra’s technology on the golf course. Plus, this driver favors neutral to slight fade setups like the pros do, though these can be adjusted.

The Cobra LTDx LS driver goes back to a smaller, more traditional club head shape compared to the LTDx, though it is more aerodynamic than the other models. This Cobra driver’s claim to fame includes increased workability, the lowest spin rate of the three drivers and the fastest ball speeds. You’ll also notice the lower spin leads to a more piercing ball flight for those with faster swing speeds.

Cobra LTDx MAX Driver

Cobra LTDx MAX Driver

The Cobra LTDx MAX driver lies on the other end of the spectrum. Continuing with the oversized “Xtreme” club head, this Cobra driver maxes out all the positives you’d want in a driver: forgiveness, draw bias and trajectory.

While the typical trajectories for the LTDx and LTDx LS drivers are closer to neutral, a draw setting is available. The Cobra LTDx MAX driver has the same adjustability, though the draw setting is much more extensive, giving you the built-in draw bias you may need to counter your slice.

As for the trajectory, the launch angle on the LTDx MAX driver is higher than the others, giving those with slow to moderate swing speeds more distance off the tee.


Which Cobra LTDx Driver is Right for You?

Now that you have some background info on each of the Cobra LTDx drivers, let’s see which one is going to make all your golf dreams come true.

Comparing the golf drivers by handicap, you’ll find the Cobra LTDx driver is for mid handicappers, the LTDx LS is for low to mid handicappers and the LTDx MAX is for mid to high handicappers.

If you’re still not sure where you lie on the handicap scale, you can also find the right driver for you with GlobalGolf’s USelect™. Take a short quiz and get personalized recommendations for your game instantaneously. You can then filter by brand to see which Cobra driver belongs in your bag.

To add more confidence to this process, GlobalGolf also offers UTry®, where you can demo the latest Cobra drivers when, where and how you want, for up to 14 days. Take these drivers for a spin on your home course or driving range and see which one feels good in your hands; then, keep your favorite and ship the other drive back for free.

When it comes to purchasing your new 2022 Cobra driver, GlobalGolf offers a couple different methods of saving money. First, you can trade in your current driver and earn the highest value of credit toward your next purchase with UTrade-In™. Second, you can also peruse our selection of used Cobra drivers; they’re rarely played and contain the same advanced technologies - the main difference when buying used golf clubs is the lower price.

Cobra Golf has already made quite an impression in 2022 with the LTDx drivers. Which Cobra driver is going into your golf bag this season?

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