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  • Pro Tip: The Callaway Epic Flash Driver is Still Relevant

    Pro Tip: Why the Callaway Epic Flash Driver Remains a Top Choice

    If you’re looking for a driver that’s been developed with best in-class technology to give golfers optimal ball speed and distance gains, look no further than the Callaway Epic Flash driver.

    Developed as a result of Callaway Golf’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that tested 15,000 virtual prototypes, the Flash Face is designed to deliver excellent ball speed regardless of where the face makes contact. The Callaway Epic Flash delivers on the results golfers have come to expect with Callaway drivers paired with technology tested through artificial intelligence.

    Callaway Epic Flash Driver Models for Every Skill Level

    Callaway Epic Flash Driver
    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

    The Callaway Epic Flash Driver has two variations: the Callaway Epic Flash driver and the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver. The main difference between these two variations is that the Epic Flash Sub Zero is meant for low spin. It’s also the first Callaway sub zero model to have an adjustable weight. For golfers who are looking for that ball speed and distance but could also use the benefit of low spin, the Epic Flash Sub Zero could be the better fit.

    The Callaway Epic Flash is one of several of Callaway Golf’s “Epic” drivers. Released in 2019, the Epic Flash paved the way for Callaway’s newer releases, like the Epic Speed and Epic Max. While it lacks some of the aerodynamic modifications these later releases have, it still has the Jailbreak and Flash Face technologies for increased distance and ball speed - all for a fraction of the price.

    The Callaway Epic Flash’s Technology

    The Flash Face technology employed by the Callaway Epic Flash was designed to ensure greater ball speed when hit in the center of the face. This is paired with Callaway drivers’ Jailbreak Technology, which promotes greater ball speed.

    The driver features an adjustable weight that allows the golfer to control the direction of the ball flight, allowing you to hit draws, fades or straighter shots. Finally, a high moment of inertia (MOI) enables greater forgiveness for any shots that are off-center.

    Who is the Callaway Epic Flash Driver For?

    The Callaway Epic Flash driver is all about increased distance through ball speed. Any golfer who is looking to go the distance will benefit from this Callaway driver.

    Golfers with a mid to high handicap will especially benefit from using this driver to increase overall ball speed and distance. Lower handicap golfers with higher swing speeds may want to opt for the Epic Flash Sub Zero model to decrease spin and gain distance.

    With the Flash Face design propelling the ball with greater speed, it’s going to help a majority of golfers who want to up their ball speed and hit the ball farther. Plus, golfers concerned about forgiveness will be pleased by the high MOI and appreciate how the face gives them greater control over the direction of the ball.

    If the Callaway Epic Flash driver sounds like the answer to your distance and ball speed goals, consider purchasing a new or used Callaway Epic Flash driver. Don’t forget, GlobalGolf helps you buy with confidence through several services:

    • USelect™: generates golf club recommendations and more specific to your game

    • UTry®: demo the latest golf products for 14 days from our own golf course

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