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Pro Tip: Callaway Epic Speed Driver vs. Callaway MAVRIK Driver

Updated: Mar 01, 2023
Pro Tip: Callaway Epic Speed Driver vs. Callaway MAVRIK Driver

When it comes to choosing a Callaway driver, the first step is deciding which line you’d like to pursue. Callaway Golf has designed some seriously strong lines that appeal to golfers of all skill levels.

Callaway’s popularity truly began with the Big Bertha line, and they have since added three lines whose models continue to evolve every few years: Epic, Rogue and MAVRIK. GlobalGolf wants you to feel confident about your driver purchase, so we’re going to compare two of the most popular Callaway drivers to date: the Epic Speed vs. MAVRIK.


Callaway Epic Speed Driver for Longer Tee Shots

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

The Callaway Epic Speed driver is actually a variant of the Big Bertha line, though they’re typically referred to as Epic drivers for convenience. The Great Big Bertha Epic driver was first released in 2017, followed by the Epic Flash in 2019 and the Epic Max and Epic Speed in 2021.

The Callaway Epic Flash drivers were already a huge improvement on the original Epic drivers thanks to Callaway’s use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology for the first time; the Epic Speed goes one step further.

If you’re an Epic aficionado, here’s what you’ll see has improved with the Epic Speed driver:

  • Increased forgiveness
  • Faster ball speeds

The updated and A.I.-designed Jailbreak and Flash Face SS21 technology lead to faster ball speeds and more stability across a larger sweet spot, giving you long and straight tee shots, even on miss-hits.

While not the most forgiving driver in the Epic line, the Epic Speed driver does offer mid launch and mid spin with a slight draw bias. Its improved aerodynamic head design is also a key factor increasing your distance off the tee.


Callaway MAVRIK Driver for Consistent Tee Shots

Callaway Mavrik Driver

The Callaway MAVRIK driver was released in 2020 and it is unclear where Callaway Golf will take the line next. Don’t sweat that this driver from Callaway only has four models as the Callaway MAVRIK driver was at the height of popularity and performance in 2020 and is still in many bags.

Like the Epic Speed driver, the MAVRIK driver has Jailbreak and Flash Face technology, though from a year earlier. Also designed with A.I. technology, the Callaway MAVRIK driver offers the following:

  • Fast ball speeds
  • Forgiveness
  • Consistency

You may be thinking these drivers sound pretty similar, and you’re not wrong. Since the Callaway MAVRIK came out before the Callaway Epic Speed driver, they had time to make some tweaks and improve the design in the latter.

However, the MAVRIK does offer four models to reach more skill levels. The four models are:

  • Callaway MAVRIK driver
  • Callaway MAVRIK MAX driver
  • Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero driver
  • Callaway MAVRIK 22 driver

Let’s first point out that the Callaway MAVRIK 22 driver is no different than the Callaway MAVRIK driver other than it has a newer golf shaft; no other new clubhead technologies were employed and it was still released in 2020.

The Callaway MAVRIK driver is in the middle of the pack handicap-wise. On the lower end is the Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero thanks to its low spin, low launch and smaller clubhead. You’ll want to have plenty of clubhead speed if you choose to put this driver in your bag .

On the other end of the handicap spectrum, the Callaway MAVRIK MAX driver is the easiest to hit of the four and is designed for maximum draw bias and forgiveness thanks to its interchangeable weights. With its high launch, mid spin and option to add as much draw bias as you’d like, you can get major distance gains with a more moderate swing speed.

While the MAVRIK MAX and Sub Zero drivers both have interchangeable weights, the MAVRIK driver does not; however the latter does maintain a slight draw bias like the Epic Speed and these two models continue to be the most comparable.


Which Callaway Driver Is Right for Me?

When comparing the Callaway Epic Speed driver and the Callaway MAVRIK driver, it’s intuitive to lean toward the newer model. While the Epic Speed driver certainly holds some improvements over the MAVRIK, the MAVRIK shouldn’t be discounted as it still has some valuable contributions (and may also match your budget better).

The Callaway MAVRIK driver is stable and consistent; if you’re looking for even more ball speed and stability off the tee, then you’ll want the later versions of Jailbreak and Flash Face technology found in the Epic Speed driver. However, if you’re upgrading from a driver that’s over five years old, you’ll find improvement with the MAVRIK.

Another consideration when choosing between these two drivers is your handicap. Because the Callaway MAVRIK driver is more consistent and very forgiving, mid to high handicappers will enjoy its perks more. If you’re a low to mid handicapper looking for more distance through increased ball speed, the Epic Speed driver is for you.

Try GlobalGolf’s USelect® - Our Driver Selector Tool

If you’re still not sure where you fall between these two great drivers, you can always check out USelect® - our driver selector tool. Simply answer a couple of questions about your game and instantaneously receive personalized recommendations from our staff of PGA Professionals. You can filter by Callaway to specifically see which Callaway driver is best for your game.

Save Money When You Buy Callaway Preowned With GlobalGolf

Budget is also a crucial factor in purchasing a golf driver, which is why GlobalGolf offers the largest selection of used golf clubs. Buying Callaway preowned drivers will allow you to add new technology to your golf bag without sacrificing your wallet.

When you buy a used Callaway MAVRIK driver, for example, you will know its condition and can trust that it will be cleaned and in the exact condition as listed thanks to GlobalGolf’s certified preowned process.

To further lower the price tag, trade in your current driver with UTrade-In® and use that credit toward your new-to-you Callaway driver. With GlobalGolf, there are plenty of options to save.

No matter if you choose the Callaway MAVRIK driver or Callaway Epic Speed driver - or even want to explore the Rogue line - GlobalGolf will help you buy with confidence.


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