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Pro Tip: Improve Your Golf Game With the Best Training Aids of 2020

Pro Tip Best Training Aids to Sharpen Your Game

There are many factors to improving one’s golf game: training aids, launch monitors, specialty putting mats, chipping nets, etc. Thankfully, these items and more can all be found at GlobalGolf.

Golf Launch Monitors That Dial in Your Distances

Swing Caddie SC300 Portable Launch Monitor

Swing Caddie SC300 Portable Launch Monitor

As a golfer, it’s important to know not only how far you hit your driver, but also every other club in your bag. Why? Because hitting the ball closer to the hole usually leads to better scores. To do that requires knowing how far you are from the target and hitting the appropriate club from that distance. Pro Tip -- dial in your distances for better scoring.

The best way to know your distances is with the help of a launch monitor. Launch monitors are actually relatively new devices in the world of golf technology. Prior to their introduction, “advanced” teaching methods relied on video analysis of swing positions vs. ball data. Launch monitors introduced the idea of analyzing club, ball and flight data. These devices range in size from a closed laptop to something as small and portable as a deck of cards.

The professional-level launch monitors, while more accurate, are also much more expensive than the consumer target devices.

Bryson DeChambeau is making it abundantly clear that swing data is an essential component of golf and can significantly improve your game. With so much more physics and math involved in the swing, golfers everywhere are trying to maximize swing speed and ball speed (how fast the ball exits off the clubface), all while optimizing launch conditions like spin rates and angle of attack (bonus pro tip -- you want to be swinging up at the ball with your driver).

GlobalGolf has golf technology for everyone. That includes personal launch monitors. From brands like Swing Caddie, SkyGolf and Garmin (yes, the GPS watchmaker also makes a launch monitor,) GlobalGolf has a selection at nearly every consumer price point.

Golf Putting Mats That Feel Like You’re Really on a Putting Green

Wellputt Pro Speed Putting Matt

Wellputt Pro Speed Putting Matt

When it comes to practice, hitting golf balls or practicing putting is best done on real grass. However, most golfers don’t have driving ranges or putting greens in their backyards. Thankfully, there are now a multitude of practice mats that simulate hitting or putting off the real McCoy. These synthetic mats are nearly indistinguishable from real grass while providing exceptional feedback for golfers looking to improve their putting, chipping and even ball striking from their home or yard.

Indoor putting mats have been around for years, but the ones your parents used were made of astroturf-like material that did a terrible job simulating the true roll on putting greens. In many cases, putting on the living room or hotel carpet was better than those old school mats.

Today’s putting mats -- while still made from synthetic materials -- more closely mimic real grass putting greens with a roll so smooth, you may not be able to tell the difference other than the look and feel under your feet.

But what if you’re practicing chipping or full swing shots? There’s a mat for that too! You can choose various sizes and turf types or upgrade your backyard driving range session with one of the nice driving range mats that you hope to find at your local course or driving range. Even these hitting mats have come a long way from what they were a decade ago when mats used to feel like hitting off the firmest, tightest woven carpet possible. Any mishit on those mats reverberated up your arms or made you feel like you may have sprained your wrists.

Thankfully, those hitting mats are a thing of the past. Newer hitting mats more closely resemble tightly mown fairway turf while providing more cushion and giving the impression of digging into real turf. While these mats will never replace the real thing, they are a close second and perfect for your home training sessions.

The chipping mats are smaller, portable and protect your lawn from divots. These chipping mats will also help you perfect your contact. Making crisp contact on chips is the secret to imparting optimal spin around the greens and avoiding those dreaded chunked or bladed chip shots.

Golf Chipping Nets to Improve Your Wedge Accuracy

Izzo Triple Chip Net

Izzo Triple Chip Net

Chipping in your yard is one of the most fun forms of practice you can have at home. All you need is a wedge and some golf balls (real or foam depending on how many windows you have). But to take your chipping practice or date night to the next level, you’re going to want a chipping net.

Today, chipping nets are made of quality materials, portable and designed to make you a better golfer. Sure, you could practice chipping into a plastic bucket from the hardware store, but nets like the Izzo Triple Chip Net offer three different sized openings for increasing skill in shotmaking. Start with the biggest target and add to the difficulty (and your finesse) by chipping into the smaller net openings.

And if you want to step up your chipping net game, consider the ladder-like Golf Gifts & Gallery Indoor/Outdoor Short Game Practice Net. It’s designed to force you into thinking and executing the proper trajectory on your chips. Better players step up to chip shots thinking about more than just “hit it close.” Better golfers are thinking about the relationship between spin and trajectory to get the golf ball as close to (or in) the hole as possible. Sometimes golfers need to hit it higher to stop a chip shot quickly. Other times a bump and run is the best play.

Golf Putting Aids That Help You Sink More Putts

Odyssey Putting Mirror

Odyssey Putting Mirror

The old adage of ‘drive for show, putt for dough’ has been partially debunked at the pro level, but us amateurs can still drop our handicaps by draining a few more putts per round. But how? Firstly, it’s important to get a putter fit to your stroke and one that instills confidence over every putt. Next, consider using a golf ball that helps you get your putts on-line from the get-go. Finally, you need to practice deliberately and with the help of putting training aids that ensure good alignment, stroke path and forward roll.

One of the simplest putting aids is a putting mirror. A putting mirror is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: it’s a mirror you place on the putting green to check your eye position (directly over or slightly inside the ball), alignment and stroke.

The putting mirror offers immediate feedback thanks to various lines marked on the mirror. Then it’s up to the golfer to practice to correct the flaws. After a few sessions with the putting mirror you should be able to see and feel a better stroke on putts from all distances. After all, sinking more putts is also made easier with a consistent setup over the ball.

Bonus pro tip -- even PGA and LPGA Tour players use these putting mirrors at the beginning of their putting practice every day to ensure their stroke is locked in. If professional golfers do it, so should we!

Get to Know Your Swing with Golf Swing Trainers/Analyzers

Golf Gifts & Gallery Power Connector

Golf Gifts & Gallery Power Connector

Sometimes, when you’re practicing, you need to really focus on your swing and feel what is going right and wrong. Something as simple as improper alignment can cause mis-hits, but it can be hard to feel or notice your setup when you’re out on the course. What looks to be straight might actually be 10 yards right of your target. Your shots might not be missing by much, you just need to work on your aim and alignment. If this is the case, a set of alignment sticks is an easy solution. Alignment sticks are usually the length of long irons and woods and fit conveniently in your golf bag without much hassle.

Other times, you need to feel something different in your swing. Even if you’re working with a teaching professional (and especially if you’re not), it’s hard to ingrain a new feeling in your swing. GlobalGolf has an assortment of swing trainers that are wearable to help you groove your swing. One such device is the Power Connector, which is designed to work the arms, shoulders and body simultaneously during the swing to produce increased power and a feeling of connectedness.

As golfers, it’s important to have the proper golf training aids and tools to not only keep your game sharp but always improving. These golf practice mats, golf chipping nets and portable golf launch monitors are training aids that any golfer can see benefits from in a short amount of time. In addition, if you’re just looking to have some fun in the yard, many of the tools work for that, too. These simple devices will help you groove your swing or fix common mistakes. Either way, GlobalGolf has the golf training aids for you and your game.

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