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  • Pro Tip: Everything You Need to Know about Garmin Golf Tech

    Pro Tip: Find the Best Garmin Golf Tech for Your Game

    One of the most recognizable brands in the golf tech world is Garmin. Known for their GPS technology both on and off the golf course, Garmin Golf has designed several tools for the everyday golfer. From Garmin golf watches to Garmin GPS golf handheld devices, and everything in between, GlobalGolf is excited to share how high quality golf technology can lower your golf scores.

    Garmin Golf, named after its founders Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao, was founded in 1989. Their first client, the U.S. Army, gave the company the revenue and demand needed to make a name for themselves. In addition to producing some of the latest golf devices, Garmin also designs GPS technology and other accessories for just about every major industry - sports and fitness, the outdoors, automotives, aviation and more.

    With Garmin’s resources and expertise, it is no surprise their famous Garmin GPS golf watches are highly sought after. While they rarely compete with Bushnell in the golf rangefinder department, their GPS smartwatches are another story. Those little gadgets contain everything you need to play your best golf, keep in shape and even get some work done. To top it all off, Garmin golf watches are stylish with a sophisticated and luxurious design.

    Find the Best Garmin Golf Watch (or Handheld GPS) for You

    Garmin Approach S42 Watch
    Garmin Approach G30 GPS/Rangefinder

    A Garmin GPS golf watch is a smart investment for your game because accurate data leads to accurate shots. The more you know about your game and the golf course you play, the more often you can hit those killer shots that have everyone oo-ing and ah-ing.

    When it comes to finding the best Garmin golf watch, you don’t have to worry about quality; really, the decision comes down to your preferences. One of the bigger decisions will be based on how you plan to use your Garmin GPS golf watch. Will you only wear it on the golf course, or do you plan to wear it all day long?

    Keep that in mind as we explore the golf features of the Garmin smartwatch, especially compared to other golf watch brands. GlobalGolf recommends the Garmin Approach line of smartwatches if your main priority is golf, though the Garmin Venu golf watch series also offers similar golf features you can download to your smartwatch.

    The Garmin Venu for golf is very high tech, which you can immediately see if you do a Garmin Venu Sq golf demo. And if you’re wondering, does Garmin Venu have golf GPS, the answer is yes.

    Garmin Approach Smartwatch Features

    • 41,000+ preloaded courses
    • Go Green Technology: distances to front, middle and back of greens
    • Green View Technology: see the shape of the green from your approach shot and drop the pin in the right quadrant for more accurate distance reads
    • AutoShot and PlaysLike Distance Technologies: get accurate distances, slope included
    • Virtual Caddie Technology: Garmin gets to know your game as you play and can suggest clubs and targets
    • Hazard View: preview and get accurate distances to the areas you’d rather avoid on the course
    • Battery life ranges up to 30 hours as a golf GPS watch and 14 days as a regular smartwatch

    Garmin Venu Golf Features

    • Preloaded GPS apps for golf
    • Fitness tracking for steps, calories burned, intensity minutes and more
    • Heart rate monitoring
    • Hydration tracking


    If you’re still not sold on Garmin GPS smartwatches by the end of this article, there’s always a Garmin golf GPS handheld device. Picture all the technology listed above, just on a bigger screen. The battery life lasts up to 15 hours, and you can still receive messages and calls if you need to stay plugged in during your round.

    When you download the Garmin Golf™ app, you also have the ability to track your own stats, host and compete in virtual tournaments, view live leaderboards and even compare your game against the pros. The combination of the smartwatch or handheld GPS and app means you receive a Garmin golf GPS and Garmin golf tracker all in one.

    Use Your Garmin Smartwatch While You Work Out

    Garmin Venu SQ Watch
    Garmin Approach S10 Watch

    Most Garmin smartwatches offer fitness tracking abilities, but which watch is best for you? GlobalGolf recommends the Garmin Venu golf watch line if your main priority is fitness, though some Approach smartwatches contain the technology as well and are the perfect accessory for a golf workout. While there are plenty of Garmin Venu golf features, the overall fitness features are what make it really stand out.

    Garmin Venu Smartwatch Features

    • Health stats that monitor all the important factors your body needs to stay well and fit
      • Heart health
      • Stress
      • Energy and sleep
      • Oxygen
      • Water intake
      • Women’s health
    • Download apps specific to your sport(s) and activities
    • Follow a workout plan or create your own
    • Listen to your favorite playlists phone-free
    • Battery life lasts up to 14 hours as a GPS watch and up to 6 days as a regular smartwatch


    Stay Plugged in with Garmin’s Smartwatch on or off the Golf Course

    Garmin Approach S42 Watch
    Garmin Venu SQ Music Watch

    If you’re looking for an all-around Garmin GPS golf watch, both the Approach and Venu lines will fit the bill. Both Garmin GPS watches are already focused on fulfilling the activities-side of your life in the most stylish way, so why not own the whole package and integrate some of the phone functionalities?

    Common Everyday Approach Features

    • Receive calls, emails and texts on your device
    • Track your steps and basic fitness

    Common Everyday Venu Features

    • Pay-on-the-go without contact
    • Turn on safety tracking
    • Peruse the app store for anything Garmin hasn’t provided

    Try a Garmin GPS Smartwatch with GlobalGolf’s Utry®

    With GlobalGolf’s Utry® program, you can try the latest golf tech at home. Take the Garmin Venu golf demo for a whirl on the golf course and see how it fits into your lifestyle (and improves your accuracy), or even check out a Garmin Golf rangefinder. Starting at just $25 for 14 days, you can demo when, where and how you want.

    No matter which kind of GPS smartwatch you’re looking for, Garmin has the right option for you. Whether you want to stay in the zone on the golf course with a Garmin golf watch or expand your smartwatch’s use to fitness or as your go-to accessory, GlobalGolf has the recommendations and golf technology you need to play your best.