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Pro Tip: Use a Launch Monitor to Accurately Dial in Your Distances

Updated: Sep 02, 2020
Pro Tip Day 9 Launch Monitor

If you are what is affectionately known as a “range rat” or “Ranger Rick,” you are the golf master and are determined to perfect every part of your game. But why waste those skills on beating balls at old pins when you could invest in a launch monitor and receive game-building feedback?

On a serious note, most folks don’t need tour-quality metrics; they just need something to tell them the basics so they can dial in those distances. That’s where the Rapsodo MLM comes in.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

While the Rapsodo is only for outdoor use and cannot be used when hitting into a net, the device works seamlessly with your iPhone (no Android use yet). Using Bluetooth, the app will connect with your iPhone and provide you with accurate distances, your ball speed and your club speed (which can help you find the right shafts for your clubs).

Set up your Rapsodo and try a few of these drills:

1. Closest to the Pin

Choose a golf club as a base and then alternate shots with 1 club longer and 1 club shorter. For example, with a 7 iron as your base club, you will be hitting shots with an 8 iron and a 6 iron.

The shorter club may not get to your target on the fly, but this gives you an idea of what a true full swing is for that club. With the longer club, you’ll have to swing a little easier and figure out if a three-quarter swing is enough.

By getting more comfortable with the nuances of each club, you’ll be impressing others (and yourself) with your distance control on the course.

2. Long Drive

Everyone likes to rip drivers. But how fast can you swing while also still controlling your ball flight? With the Rapsodo MLM, you’ll be able to review videos of your down-the-line swings and compare them till you find your sweet spot.

3. “Play” The Course

Think of your favorite course. The one you’ve played more times than you can recall. After a warm-up, step up to the first tee and use a range ball to hit a driver as if you were on that course. Using the launch monitor distances, you’ll have a general idea of what clubs you’ll need to hit your approaches and par-3 tee shots. This visualization will increase your confidence next time you actually play your favorite course.