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    Meet Divot: Must-have Golf Accessories and Training Aids

    Updated: Aug 02, 2022
    Pro Tip: Divot's Best Golf Accessories

    Golf accessories and training aids are essential to improving your game. However, sometimes the price tag is a little too high and you’re wondering if it’s worth the investment.

    That’s where Divot comes in. Backed by PGA Professionals, Divot has great products at an exceptional value. Each of these products can be an asset to your game, especially during your practice sessions. Who doesn’t want an intentional practice that produces results on the golf course?

    Divot has a wide range of cool golf accessories and the best training aids to help you make a big - yet affordable - impact on your game. Divot has thought of every last detail to ensure you have what you need to have fun and play well on the golf course.

    Golf Training Aids That Work

    With so many training aids on the market, it’s tough to determine which golf training aids work. With Divot, you can cut through the clutter and find the best golf training aids for your game. By combining Divot’s training aids, you can create the ultimate DIY at-home practice setup.

    Divot Has the Best Golf Mats

    Divot Dual Height Hitting Mat Mats
    Divot 1x2 Hitting Turf Mat Mats

    Divot’s golf mats make any surface a potential practice space. Pair your golf practice mat with a large golf net or smaller chipping net and be able to practice both your long and short game from different lies.

    These golf mats come in small sizes to make them portable and easy to store. Place them in your garage or head out to your backyard and practice without worrying about tearing up your grass.


    Golf Practice Nets Sharpen Your Accuracy

    Divot 7ft x 9ft x 4.5ft Dome Net
    Divot 30x30 Square Chipping Net

    Golf nets give you the option to practice indoors and outdoors on your own time (and even in colder weather). Paired with a golf mat, you have an awesome setup for your off-season training.

    Practice your chipping accuracy with Divot’s golf chipping nets with several targets, both in angled and ladder layouts. You can also have some target practice with your irons in Divot’s deluxe and dome training nets.


    Whiffle and Foam Golf Balls for Every Setup

    Divot 42 Foam Balls w/Bucket Practice Golf Balls

    No matter how big or small your at-home practice setup, whiffle and foam golf balls are a must-have golf accessory. By significantly decreasing the distance you can hit golf balls, you significantly open up your garage or backyard for a realistic practice - all without worrying about breaking a window.

    Pair these foam and whiffle golf balls with your golf mat and net for the perfect trio.


    Effective Swing Trainers

    Divot Swing Power Connector
    Divot Pro Stix

    When you leave a golf lesson, it is sometimes difficult to replicate the swing change you’re aiming for without the use of swing trainers. Divot offers some of the best golf swing trainers for everyday practice, including alignment sticks and weights.

    Explore Divot’s other golf swing trainers to see how they can help your muscle memory retain certain feels - like enforcing a proper takeaway - for a great price.


    Putting Aids for Everyday Practice

    Divot 9ft Putting Track Training System
    Divot Practice Putting Mirror

    Gaining consistency on the greens means making every putting practice count. With Divot putting aids, you’ll find several putting mats that will help you with alignment.

    The Divot putting mirror is also a favorite, as it allows you to set up to the golf ball the same way every time, making it easily replicable on the golf course when it counts the most.


    The Best Golf Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

    Golf accessories tend to fall into the category of not realizing you need them until it’s too late. For instance, if it starts pouring in the middle of the round, did you remember to pack your golf umbrella? These small yet essential golf accessories will help you enjoy your day on the course no matter the weather.

    Golf Umbrellas to Keep Away the Rain - Literally and Superstitiously

    Divot 62in Windbuster Umbrella

    We all know the saying that if you bring a golf umbrella with you, it will never rain. And when it does rain, you’re thankful you have it! Either way, having a Divot golf umbrella in your car or golf bag is a win-win.

    With such a large diameter and wind vents to keep you dry on even the windiest of days, Divot golf umbrellas are one of those must-have golf accessories you’ll always want to keep handy, especially at their price.


    Golf Shag Bags Motivate Your Chipping Practice

    Divot Premium Shag Bag
    Divot Practice Balls Shag Tube Shag Bag

    There’s nothing like hitting a ton of chip shots during your practice and then realizing you need to collect all your golf balls. With Divot’s golf shag bags, you’ll no longer be deterred from practicing your chipping in order to avoid the clean-up.

    With a tube shag bag that can fit in your golf bag and a premium golf shag bag that can hold more golf balls, Divot offers two options that will make chipping practice - and collecting golf balls - a breeze.


    We All Need Golf Tees

    Divot Height Control Tees Combo 60pk Golf Tees
    Divot 2 Pack Rubber Tees

    This one may seem obvious, but having golf tees is necessary for every round. Ensuring you have some Divot wooden golf tees in your bag means you can tee off and fix ball marks no problem. Plus, with Divot’s color coding system, you can tee up your golf ball at the same height every time.

    Divot also has rubber golf tees for hitting mats, both those you can hit a golf ball straight off of and ones where you can place your own tee inside depending on your preference.


    Bonus: Divot Golf Bag Accessories

    Other items you may find useful are Divot’s golf bag accessories. Don’t underestimate how these cool golf accessories can affect your game, whether it’s helping you hit the ball cleaner or saving you some money.

    Golf Club Brushes Bring Consistency to Your Shots

    Divot Cleaning Brush with Retractable Cord

    An easy clip-on to your golf bag, golf club brushes are a simple way to improve your score. By having a clean clubface before every shot, you’re reaching a new level of consistency. Don’t let caked on dirt ruin a great swing.


    Golf Ball Retrievers to Save That Sleeve You Just Bought

    Divot 10ft Ball Retriever

    A quick money maker (or saver) on the course is a golf ball retriever. As you near the lake to save your golf ball, bring the Divot golf ball retriever with you and add some more ammunition to your golf bag while you’re fishing.


    With so many cool golf accessories and training aids that work from Divot, it’s a no brainer to choose their high quality and low prices. Whether these products help you save some strokes, improve your golf swing or improve your golf round, you’ll undoubtedly benefit from Divot’s mission to serve beginner and advanced golfers and help them play better.