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Pro Tip: XXIO Golf -- Play More (and Better)

 Updated: Oct 05, 2020
Pro Tip Gain Distance without Pulling Muscles

XXIO Golf has arrived in the U.S., and their niche is lightweight clubs for golfers with moderate swing speeds. XXIO originated in Japan in 2000 and its popularity has only grown. Now, you can jump on the bandwagon (and we encourage you to) because these golf clubs are sure to please. Even though these XXIO golf clubs are built for moderate swing speeds, everyone can find joy in their philosophy and products.

Known for increasing distance and forgiveness, while giving off a satisfying sound at impact, XXIO Golf has been the top golf club brand in Japan the last two decades. XXIO has entered the European market and is now breaking into the U.S., as well.

XXIO’s philosophy is to play more golf; not only does XXIO Golf want you to get out on the course more often, they want to make your round easier (both on your score and your body). By playing with the lightweight XXIO golf clubs, you will expend less energy during your swing. We at GlobalGolf have put the benefits of playing XXIO into an equation that adds up quite nicely for your golf game:

Decreased body fatigue + Decreased chance of injury + Increased Performance = More Golf

Let’s dive into this equation and see how XXIO Golf can help you play more (and better). Spoiler alert: XXIO Golf will also increase your enjoyment of golf. Remember pro tip #21 as you continue reading -- Swing slow to score low, with XXIO.

XXIO Golf Goes the Distance

XXIO Prime9 Driver
XXIO X Driver

XXIO produces golf clubs that are 20-30% lighter than other major golf brands. 20-30%! Imagine having to use 20-30% less energy each swing. Can you see how your body would be less fatigued when you make the turn?

Though having extra energy is already a valuable benefit, XXIO’s golf club design will also give you more distance on the course. Your refreshed energy (and lightweight XXIO driver) will allow you to swing more easily, helping you to instantly gain extra yardage off the tee.

Another key advantage to using XXIO golf clubs is the consistency you’ll gain across your golf game. Any professional golfer on Tour will emphasize the importance of maintaining energy; whether it’s their equipment, their preferred snacks during a round or simply protecting themselves from sunburn, they understand they need to keep their energy at a certain level throughout the entire round. Otherwise, their performance will suffer when they need it most: the closing holes. Expend less energy, gain distance and finish your round strong with XXIO Golf.

In fact, XXIO drivers, like the XXIO X driver, were designed to specifically improve consistency by utilizing lighter materials; now you’ll have more energy to hit the center of the clubface every time. Another way to gain consistency is to find a golf club that offers maximum forgiveness; the XXIO Prime 9 driver has flexible clubface capabilities that enlarge the sweet spot. Bottom line: XXIO drivers help you accomplish longer and straighter drives.

Bonus Pro Tip: If you enjoy walking while you play, you’ll find your golf bag will be exponentially lighter with XXIO golf clubs! Here are some other ways you can lighten your golf bag.

XXIO Golf Makes Your Swing Effortless

XXIO Golf also knows the importance of avoiding injury. There are injury-prevention tactics we can do both on and off the course, and choosing XXIO’s golf clubs to play golf longer is a no-brainer.

When golfers get tired, their swings tend to get sloppier. There’s no shame in this, it’s just a biological fact. However, this can lead to frustration and way too many swing thoughts, which results in swinging harder. The light weight of the XXIO fairway woods and irons above already solve these energy and consistency issues.

Thankfully, XXIO Golf can also add to the effortlessness of your swing by improving the balance point makeup of your golf club. By incorporating high balance points into their design, XXIO Golf increases the stability of your golf swing and gives you more clubhead speed. No need to fear losing distance if you don’t swing hard enough -- XXIO irons, hybrids, fairway woods and drivers will give you distance without you having to pull any muscles (frustrated or not).

Bonus Pro Tip: Check out this easy golf workout you can do off the course to increase your time on the course. Read why we also enjoy decreasing our recovery time with these percussive devices.

XXIO Golf Clubs Are Customized for You

What better way to keep you coming back to the game than scoring well? XXIO Golf promotes optimized performance and believes every golf club (and we mean every) should be customized. Each XXIO driver, fairway wood, hybrid and iron has a personalized grip and shaft so you can play your absolute best.

With this attention to detail, as well as the thought that goes into designing other aspects of the XXIO golf clubs, you can play more golf without a doubt -- both physically and mentally. Not only does owning golf clubs made specially for you give way to excitement to play your favorite game, but XXIO’s technology and customization options allow you to play golf your way.

XXIO golf clubs are designed with you in mind from the beginning. Whether it’s innovating designs and technology that prevent fatigue and strain or physically building your XXIO driver, fairway woods, hybrid and irons to your exact specifications, XXIO Golf has followed their philosophy to a tee so you can head to the first tee box with confidence and energy.

XXIO Golf Isn’t Just About Long Game

XXIO Mallet Putter
XXIO Blade Putter

XXIO Golf wants your short game to be just as strong as your long game. While XXIO drivers are a huge hit, they have also introduced putters into their golf club series.

With the same exceptional quality and thoughtful design, the XXIO putters come in two different shapes. Between the mallet and the blade, you’ll be able to choose the best putter for you. No matter which XXIO putter you pick, you’ll find stability and soft feel on the greens.

GlobalGolf’s Utry® -- The Simplest and Safest Way to Demo Golf Clubs

With GlobalGolf’s Utry®, you can truly try before you buy. Starting at $25 for 14 days, the XXIO X Series can be demoed where, when and how you want. Check out our Pro Tips for making the most of your golf club demo time so you can feel confident you are making the right choice for your game.

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