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Pro Tip: Time to Clean Your Golf Bag!

Updated: Sep 02, 2020
Pro Tip Clean Out Your GOlf Bag

Did you recently dust off your golf bag with hopes of an upcoming season? Don't put it away just yet. It's officially Spring Cleaning season, and we have a challenge for you: clean out your Callaway golf bag!

Start by taking everything out of your golf bag. And by everything, we mean everything. If you need extra space, consider doing this in your yard, driveway, empty garage - anywhere you have 6 feet of space. Once your golf bag is empty, get rid of anything you won't need or has expired for your next golf round.

Must-haves in your newly-cleaned golf bag:

  • Fresh towel (keep those clubs clean)
  • Sunscreen (avoid skin cancer)
  • Bug spray (bug bites or ticks are no fun)
  • Hand sanitizer (avoid coronavirus)
  • New golf glove (nothing feels better on the first tee)

Bonus Pro Tip: Average golfers lose a golf ball every 3-4 holes -- theoretically, you shouldn't need more than 6 golf balls in your bag (9 to be safe). So, if you're lugging around a couple dozen, spare your back and give yourself a boost of confidence by believing you won't lose more than what's in your bag. Did you realize you need more golf balls? Buy two dozen TaylorMade Distance + balls for only $25 (just don't put them all in your bag at once!).

Next, assess your actual golf bag. If you're like most golfers, you've probably had your bag for a few seasons and there's a missing zipper pull, a ripped pocket, worn down club dividers, etc. In this case, consider ditching that old, gross bag and buying something newer, like the Callaway Hyper-Lite 3 Golf Bag (you can save $80 by buying now!).

Lastly, learn how to properly care for your bag. Here are a few simple tips to help keep your golf bag clean and like new:

  • Use a damp towel to remove dirt, pollen or debris from your golf bag. We also find nylon club brushes to be very effective.
  • Take note of what you put (and leave) in the pockets of your golf bag. Things like medications can expire, and you really don't want to pull out a moldy sandwich from your final round last year.
  • Store your clubs in a clean place (no dust or pollen). If you are putting your golf clubs up for an extended period of time, try draping a trash bag or plastic sheet over the golf bag to prevent airborne particles from accumulating on your gear. Bonus Pro Tip: use the rain cover that comes with your golf bag.

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