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Pro Tip: DIY Golf Simulator at Home

Updated: Oct 26, 2021
Pro Tip: The Ultimate Home Golf Simulator Setup

Building your own golf simulator setup at home is fun and easy with GlobalGolf. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to create your own indoor practice facility. All you need to do is buy three items, the total of which could cost less than the cheapest golf simulator:

  1. A launch monitor
  2. A golf mat
  3. A golf net

Our staff of PGA Professionals dives into the benefits of designing your own indoor golf simulator space as well as recommends which combination of products will lead you to a cheap golf simulator setup at home. Improving your game and extending your season is worth the investment.

Why Use a Home Golf Simulator?

There are tons of benefits to working with golf tech, like a golf simulator, to improve your game. Whether you’re new to the game or ready to start making moves, you’ll find the best golf simulators are accurate and easy to use.

One quick way to take advantage of the golf simulator’s accuracy is to hone in on your distances. Recording data with each golf swing on the simulator will improve your game because you’ll know your carry and total distances to a tee and be able to leverage that knowledge on the golf course. Choosing the right golf club for every shot is a sure way to lower your score.

Golf simulators also play a role in practicing with intention. Rather than beating balls on the driving range without feedback, use your home golf simulator to set up a goal-oriented practice. Not only will you increase your consistency, but you’ll also have more fun doing golf drills and feel more accomplished every time you achieve a goal.

The most obvious advantage to building your own garage golf simulator is the ability to practice whenever the mood hits, no matter the weather. If you’re a fair-weather golfer or get tons of snow during the off-season, a home golf simulator allows you to extend your season and never lose your swing.

Lastly, if you want to see how your golf stats match up against the pros, you can use our launch monitor numbers guide to see all the Tour averages - ideal carry distances, spin rates, smash factors and more for every golf club. You can base your full swings off those of the best with a DIY golf simulator setup.

Step 1: Choosing a Golf Launch Monitor

Swing Caddie SC300i Portable Launch Monitor
SkyGolf SkyTrak

GlobalGolf has a varied selection of golf launch monitors you can use in your home golf simulator setup. Whether you choose your launch monitor based on features, price or a combination, you’ll find a suitable option for your setup.

Our recommendation is the Swing Caddie SC300i launch monitor, as it covers all of the perks of having a golf simulator while also being portable and affordable. It provides numbers, practice drills and more.

The nice thing about this personal launch monitor is that it can be used inside and outside, so you can use this every day no matter where you practice; an outdoor benefit is the doppler radar that gives you accurate distances based on your local weather conditions (including wind).

Another versatile launch monitor option is the SkyGolf SkyTrak. While this golf launch monitor carries many of the same features as the SC300i, the SkyTrak also has golf course software. You can play some of the most world-renowned golf courses in the world with this launch monitor, which justifies this higher price tag.

No matter which golf launch monitor you choose, make sure you can use it indoors. GlobalGolf’s UTry® program also allows you to demo the latest golf products, like launch monitors, to help you decide which one belongs in your home golf simulator setup.


Step 2: Finding the Right Golf Mat

Golf Gifts & Gallery Fairway/Rough Mat
GT Golf EverGolf Pro Mat

Golf mats are an essential piece to the DIY golf simulator puzzle. You don’t want to ruin your floors or wrists by hitting balls off non-turf surfaces.

Golf hitting mats come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you which will fit best in your setup. At the end of the day, you’re looking for quality turf and the ability to tee up a golf ball. Whether you want to have a big golf mat you can stand on, like you’re on a driving range, or a small piece of turf large enough to hit golf balls off of, you get to decide what makes the best home golf simulator setup.

GlobalGolf recommends the Golf Gifts & Gallery hanging golf mat for an indoor golf simulator setup. This clean golf mat has fairway and rough surfaces, a cushion to avoid wrist fatigue and a place to use your own golf tee (instead of those bendable ones you see on driving ranges). Plus, it’s affordable and small, coming in at 1x2 feet. When you’re done with your practice for the day, the small handle allows you to hang up the golf hitting mat off the floor, making for an easy cleanup.

If your garage golf simulator setup is more permanent, you can also invest in a standard-sized golf mat (5x5 feet). The GT Golf mats cost more, but you can rest assured they are high quality and are known for their durability.

It’s best to choose the golf mat that’s best for your space. If you’re in a small apartment and need to clear the area after your practice, a smaller golf mat makes sense. If your garage is a permanent indoor practice facility, you have much more flexibility.


Step 3: Using the Best Indoor Golf Net

Izzo Catch All 8' Nets
Izzo Triple Chip Net

The last part of your home golf simulator setup is the golf practice net. You need somewhere to catch all the golf balls you plan on hitting.

GlobalGolf has golf hitting nets for a variety of purposes, from an indoor golf simulator setup to a chipping net. You can also use these golf practice nets inside and outside, so you can play chipping games outside with your family or practice your short game inside during the winter.

Our recommendation is the IZZO Catch All 10’ golf net. Though this 10x8 foot golf practice net is large enough to catch all your shots in a small indoor space, it is also durable and packs up into a compact bag for easy storage. The catch all at the base pools the golf balls in one place for easy retrieval when it’s time to practice again.

Other golf hitting net sizes are also available; again, selecting your golf practice net depends on your space and your budget. The IZZO golf nets, which do come in a wide range of sizes, are great for indoor and outdoor practice.


Bonus Items for Your Indoor Golf Practice Space

Congratulations! You’ve set up your DIY golf simulator, and you’re ready to practice. GlobalGolf has some bonus items you may find useful while you train. This space just became your new favorite room, so why not go all out with the golf accessories?

Golf Putting Mat

Perfect Practice Perfect Putting Mat
Wellputt 13 Feet Premium Pro Mat

It’s exciting to practice the long game, but working on your short game with a golf putting mat is just as critical during the off-season. GlobalGolf offers several golf putting matts, some of which come with automatic roll-back, a mirror and fun targets. Indoor putting greens are also a great way to find your true roll since your setup is consistent; you can then use the same putting stroke on real golf courses later for greater distance control.

Just like other golf practice mats, most golf putting mats are easy to store and use astroturf to replicate real grass.

Golf Training Aids

Aero-Swing Double Swing

Golf training aids are a fun and easy way to also practice with intention. Whether you’re working on a swing change or just want to become more consistent in your long or short game, GlobalGolf has plenty of golf training aids for you to use.

Bonus Pro Tip: golf alignment rods are a simple way to work on your stance, alignment and swing plane; and they can be used both inside and outside.

Golf Balls

Wilson Ultra 500 Yellow Distance Golf Ball

You have golf balls in your bag for when you play, but it’s also smart to have a bag of practice golf balls at home so you’re not wasting your good golf balls during your indoor sessions. Find the right golf balls for your golf simulator setup at GlobalGolf.

Bonus Pro Tip: it is typically better to use real golf balls versus foam golf balls with launch monitors because the readings will be more accurate.

Golf Tees

Pride ProLength Plus PTS Blue Golf Tees

Last but not least, don’t forget to have plenty of golf tees available in your indoor practice area. If you go with the Golf Gifts & Gallery hanging golf mat, you’ll be able to use our own tees and adjust them to the correct height. It’s worth having lots of options nearby so you can practice without pause.

Building your own cheap golf simulator has never been easier with GlobalGolf. With budget-friendly options, you can combine everything you need to improve your game in your space. Whether you convert your garage, basement, living room or WFH office into your new golf practice facility, GlobalGolf has the launch monitors, golf nets and mats you need to ace your off-season training.

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