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  • Pro Tip: Introducing The 2023 Cobra KING Irons

    Pro Tip: Introducing The 2023 Cobra KING Irons

    Cobra Golf is back again with its 2023 line. These Cobra irons are enhanced with innovative technologies and a revolutionary forging process to create lower-handicap irons that look sleeker, feel smoother and produce effective results on the golf course.

    The Cobra KING irons come in four different models. We have the Cobra KING Tour, Cobra KING Forged Tec and the Cobra King CB/MB iron sets.

    What’s New With the 2023 Cobra KING Irons

    Cobra included game-changing enhancements and processes into its 2023 Cobra KING irons that make them stand out from previous lines, like the Cobra LTDx irons, and against the competition.

    CNC Milled Undercuts

    To provide enhanced forgiveness, Cobra incorporated CNC milled undercuts to the back of the KING irons in 2023. This allows for a maximized weight distribution lower on the golf head to improve your launch and stability, allowing for your ball to go farther and higher.

    TPU Inserts

    These TPU inserts provide vibration-dampening qualities to help with feel at impact. The CNC cavities are filled with TPU and coated with an aluminum co-mold medallion to offer a more effective sound and feel.

    5-Step Forging Process

    The 2023 line of Cobra KING Irons come equipped with a revolutionary forging process that surpasses the traditional 4-step forging process used by competitors. Cobra KING irons add this step to create a softer feel overall. This provides a more optimal structure and shape to help you every shot.


    Cobra KING Irons: How Many Irons in the 2023 Line?

    There are four separate models in the 2023 Cobra KING irons line: Cobra KING Tour, Forged Tec, Forged MB and Forged CB.

    Cobra KING Tour Irons

    The 2023 Cobra KING Tour irons are compact and forgiving, providing an enhanced feel thanks to that extra step of forging. These aesthetically-pleasing, confidence-boosting irons are robust, with a lower center of gravity to provide added playability, sending your ball higher, farther and faster within your control.

    Players can enjoy added forgiveness and higher launches with the Cobra KING Tour irons set, perfect for low handicap players ready to take their game to the next level.


    Cobra KING Forged Tec Irons

    There are two options when it comes to the Cobra KING Forged Tec irons. This includes the standard Forged Ttec as well as the Cobra KING Forged Tec One-Length irons. These golf clubs also come with an extra forging step for a softer, smoother feel.

    The hollow construction of these irons produces higher launches, farther distances and increased forgiveness throughout your swing. And as we mentioned, the KING Forged Tec version comes in a Cobra one-length irons option for improved consistency and accuracy as you move down the fairway.

    Compared to the Cobra KING Tour irons, the Cobra KING Forged Tec irons are still highly workable irons, though not as much geared to professional players as the Tour model. Low-handicap players, however, will still benefit from the enhanced look, feel and handling.

    Cobra KING Forged MB Irons and Cobra KING Forged CB Irons

    The Cobra KING irons also come with the KING Tour CB (cavity-back) and KING Tour MB (muscle-back).

    The cavity-back shape offers more forgiveness thanks to a slight offset while the muscle-back irons are more solid and sturdy, providing less flexibility, but improved workability.

    These irons are a compact option offering an aesthetically pleasing profile for improved shot-shaping. A fifth round of forging, shorter blade lengths and an optimized center of gravity provide smooth, powerful and effective shots.

    The Cobra KING Forged MB/CB irons are geared towards experienced players with a Tour - 3 or better handicap. High workability and low forgiveness offers excellent handling opportunities to nail your next shot.


    How Do I Find the Right Cobra KING Irons for Me?

    Cobra golf clubs are a great option for players new and experienced alike, but it’s important that you find the right clubs for your game. That’s why GlobalGolf makes it easy to find the irons that meet your unique needs.

    USelect® Offers Personalized Golf Club Recommendations

    GlobalGolf’s USelect® tool allows you to find the golf clubs that are right for you. This Cobra golf club selector tool generates golf club recommendations – drivers, irons and more – based on your own skill level and preferences. Within seconds, you’ll be matched with the tools you need to succeed on the golf course.

    UTry® Helps You Decide on the Right Golf Irons

    UTry® provides players with the option to quickly and easily test out a new set of golf clubs without committing to a full purchase. This is a great option for those on the fence with their options and looking to feel more confident with their purchases.

    U-Trade-In® Puts Your Current Irons to Use

    If you have a set of golf clubs collecting dust in your basement, GlobalGolf can help you put them to good use. GlobalGolf’s U-Trade-In® option lets you send in your current golf clubs for credit that can be used for future purchases. This way, you can save money and help out a fellow golfer looking for used golf clubs all in one go.

    Buy Used Golf Clubs for Less

    If you’re interested in buying used golf clubs, you’re in the right place. GlobalGolf offers the option to purchase pre-ownedgolf clubs so you don’t have to break the bank to get out onto the golf course.

    Explore our vast collection of used Cobra golf irons, drivers and more.


    Cobra KING Irons Put Quality First

    With a ground-breaking 5-step forging process, innovative shaping and enhanced clubhead technology, the 2023 Cobra KING irons pack a punch that’s sure to make an impact on the golf course.

    Created for lower handicap players, these irons are incredibly workable, forgiving and flexible whether you’re in the fairway or hitting out of the bunker. Perfect your next shot with these robust Cobra iron sets.