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  • Pro Tip: 2022 Golf Balls - Chrome Soft, Pro V1 and More

    Pro Tip: 2022 Golf Balls - Chrome Soft, Pro V1 and More

    When golfers are looking to upgrade equipment to improve their game, a lot of attention is paid to the latest and greatest line of golf clubs or new technology, but it’s important not to overlook another essential piece of equipment that can make or break your game: golf balls.

    Anyone who is familiar with the history of golf balls knows that their size, design, materials and shape have changed throughout the years. It’s easy to think that not much changes year to year, but golf brands are constantly innovating and crafting better golf balls with each evolution.

    If you’re wondering “What golf ball should I use?”, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only are we here to highlight the latest options by some of your favorite brands, like Callaway Golf, Titleist, Srixon and Bridgestone, but we have tips on how to select the right ones for you.

    It all starts with an online golf ball selector that will help you determine exactly which brand and type you should be using. GlobalGolf’s USelect™ is easy to use and will offer you insight into your game with a personalized recommendation in a matter of minutes.

    Why Playing with New Golf Balls Is Critical for Your Game

    It’s important to keep up with new golf ball technology for a number of reasons. To start, technology is constantly changing and getting better. If you never take the time to do some research and see everything that’s out there, you could be at a major disadvantage when playing against your buddies, who are reaping the benefits of that new technology.

    Additionally, not all golf balls are created equal and it’s possible to match your equipment to your game. If you have a tendency to hit the ball high or low, or you specifically want low spin or better distance, the right golf ball is out there to match your skill and desired trajectory. All you need is the right information (or our golf ball selector) to help you find it.

    Which Golf Balls to Use in 2022

    To help you determine which golf balls might be the right ones for you, we’re looking at the newest lines from four top golf brands: Callaway Golf, Titleist, Srixon and Bridgestone. Learn how they compare to each other and what’s new in the 2022 golf ball sleeves this time around.

    Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

    Callaway Chrome Soft 22 Distance Golf Balls

    The Callaway Golf’s 2022 Chrome Soft golf balls have enhanced every feature and design element of these fan favorites. The 2022 models have a highly aerodynamic design for greater consistency in ball flight, and you can thank their elastic core for the gains in speed and better control. There are several different Chrome Soft models and personalized colors options to choose from, and you can always use USelect™ to help determine which model works best for you.

    What does this mean for your performance? More overall control, especially on greenside shots, plus greater distance from the get-go. These Callaway golf balls can be used by players across all handicap levels, but especially for those who want a low spin, specifically off the tee.

    Callaway Chrome Soft 22 Pros:

    • Highest launch with a driver
    • Fast speed with low spin
    • Appropriate for players of any level

    Callaway Chrome Soft 22 Cons:

    • Spin slightly drops off in the short game
    • Might be better for players with more spin
    • Higher price tag

    Callaway Chrome Soft X 22 Pros:

    • Fastest ball speed with a driver
    • Mid launch with an iron
    • Great option for players with fast swings and low handicaps

    Callaway Chrome Soft X 22 Cons:

    • Feels firmer and not as soft as the Chrome Soft
    • Higher price tag

    Callaway Chrome Soft X LS 22 Pros:

    • Fastest speed with a driver, like the Chrome Soft X
    • Lowest spin option
    • For players looking for low spin

    Callaway Chrome Soft X LS 22 Cons:

    • Firmer feel on the face, like Chrome Soft X
    • Higher price tag


    Titleist Pro V1 vs. Pro V1x Golf Balls

    Titleist Pro V1x Tour Golf Balls

    Golfers that are hyper-focused on minimizing spin should take a look at the Titleist Pro V1, which boasts a low and long spin as well as incredible distance. They feel soft with a core that’s surrounded by first a soft cast then a highly flexible casing layer. All of this contributes to a consistent flight with low spin as well as its high level of control for your short game.

    Fans of Titleist golf balls actually have two choices in the Pro V1 line. While the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are soft with a mid-range flight and long game spin, the Titleist Pro V1x golf balls offer something else entirely.

    These are all about achieving a higher launch angle as well as low spin with a firm feel. While the Titleist Pro V1 balls are a good match for any player, the Titleist Pro V1x balls are really better suited for low handicap players who are looking for more distance and workability.

    Titleist Pro V1 Pros:

    • Very soft feel
    • Distance gains with a driver
    • Excellent short game control
    • Appropriate for mid to high handicap players

    Titleist Pro V1 Cons:

    • Higher price tag

    Titleist Pro V1x Pros:

    • Higher trajectory
    • Low long-game spin
    • More durable surface than Pro V1
    • Best distance with a driver

    Titleist Pro V1x Cons:

    • Higher price tag


    Srixon Z-STAR Diamond and Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE Golf Balls

    Srixon Q-Star Tour 4 Tour Golf Balls

    The Srixon Z-STAR Diamond golf balls deliver a great option for overall performance at a slightly more affordable price when compared to the Callaway and Titleist options. These balls are able to achieve increased spin on your mid to long iron shots, which helps you with distance. They have a soft feel and they pair long distance with a mid to high ball flight. But it’s not your only choice for Srixon golf balls.


    The most obvious difference between these Srixon Z-STAR golf balls and Srixon Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE golf balls is plain to see; Srixon Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE balls are brightly colored with dual-color options. Both of these options have all the same performance features, but the color adds elements to your game that you may not have considered.

    For one thing, the color in these Srixon Divide golf balls can help with your putting alignment so you can be sure of your aim. If you’re already a fan of alignment drills to improve your putting, these balls can bring that same assistance to your game. Next, the movement of the colors when your ball is spinning can deliver insights into your performance. The Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE balls come at a much more affordable price.

    Srixon Golf Balls Pros:

    • Soft feel
    • Increased spin helps with distance
    • Most affordable options
    • Dual colors help with putting alignment (Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE)

    Srixon Golf Balls Cons:

    • Players with swing speeds over 90 mph will see best results


    Bridgestone Tour Golf Balls

    Bridgestone Tour B XS 22 Tour Golf Balls

    New Bridgestone golf balls come in a wide array of options with four new types of balls, all designed with the latest technology. For Bridgestone Golf, that new technology is REACTIV iQ, which was created to help these models react better to the force of impact across all types of clubs and swings. Each new type of Bridgestone golf ball was created using REACTIV iQ, but each is better suited to different players and styles.

    The Bridgestone TOUR B X golf ball got a hand from Bryson DeChambeau in its development and is all about improved distance. Its unique features deliver on distance through more efficient trajectory and its special aerodynamic design. This ball is a good fit for low handicap players with fast swings (over 105 MPH) who want their ball to go as far as possible.

    For players with low handicaps and fast swings who are looking for additional spin, the Bridgestone B XS is the right choice. This ball has a soft feel which contributes to greater spin and good control. Tiger Woods assisted in the development of this model, so you know it’s going to deliver on distance with that additional promise of high spin.

    Mid to high range handicap players with swing speeds under 105 MPH have two options for Bridgestone: the Bridgestone TOUR B RX and TOUR B RXS. The Bridgestone TOUR B RX is the choice for distance gains, almost the equivalent to the Tour B X for players still honing their game. The choice for additional spin for mid to high handicap players is the TOUR B RXS. Both of these choices have a soft feel on the green with an aerodynamic design for those airborne shots.

    Bridgestone Golf Balls Pros:

    • Designed for distance
    • Models created for specific swing speeds
    • Great attention to both long and short game performance

    Bridgestone Golf Balls Cons:

    • So personalized it’s important to make sure you select the right one for your game
    • Not as forgiving as other brands


    With so many exciting new designs and array of options for golf balls in 2022, we know it can be hard to know where to start. GlobalGolf knows exactly how to help you make an informed choice. With USelect™ you can see all of your options and receive a personalized recommendation from our staff of PGA Professionals.

    No matter which golf balls you choose, here’s to advancing and improving your golf game one swing at a time in 2022.