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Popular Putters to Try & Buy in 2020

Updated: Aug 26, 2020
Popular Putters to Try & Buy in 2020

What is it with putters? There is no other club in your golf bag that produces as much joy and heartbreak from round to round or even hole to hole. We each have an indescribable emotional attachment to our putters. Most of us remember (and still have in an old golf bag in our garage or parents’ basement) our first “real” putter.

There’s just something about putters. You use them more than any other golf club in your bag, and, for some, finding the one that feels best is often a lifelong quest. For others, they’ve been using the same one for a decade or more.

Fortunately, GlobalGolf’s Utry® program provides golfers the opportunity to find that next perfect putter without breaking the bank. Demo putters on your own course for two weeks and use the $25 fee towards your purchase when you have found “the one.” As for the others, return them with a free shipping label.

For the 2020 golf season, below are the putters we suggest trying and then buying.

Odyssey Triple Track

Odyssey Triple Track

Building upon the Odyssey’s much-beloved triple track golf balls comes the Triple Track line of putters for 2020. These feature the same eye-catching alignment aids as the golf balls, making aligning your putter to your ball as easy as possible. If you’re already a fan of the triple track golf balls, trying one of these triple track putters should be a no-brainer.

So, why does the triple track ball and putter increase the accuracy of your alignment? It’s all science: Vernier Hyper Acuity is your ability to “discern a misalignment among two line segments.” In other words, because the lines are identical on two different objects, you can quickly see whether you have aimed your putter at your target before stroking that birdie putt.

PING Heppler

PING Heppler

The godfather of putters’ newest addition is the Heppler line. These 2020 putters are made of a machined, solid face, which translates into a firmer impact feel and sound. These PING putters are multi-material (steel and aluminum) across the entire line.

The mallets and mid-mallets provide extreme forgiveness and optimal Center of Gravity (CG) for accuracy and consistency. This composition has also been designed to increase the Moment of Inertia (MOI), which is bolstered by a stiffer adjustable-length shaft (in exclusive black chrome).

In particular, the Tomcat 14 features striking white alignment dots, which were inspired by airport runway lights. This PING putter is the highest-MOI model in the Heppler family. The alignment dots get closer together from the face to the rear of the putter to simulate motion, help with eye tracking and frame the ball.

Scotty Cameron Special Select

Scotty Cameron Special Select

There’s little doubt that the most well-known name in putters is Scotty Cameron. For more than 25 years now, Scotty Cameron has been producing flat sticks under the Titleist umbrella and have been played at some point by almost every tour player in the world.

Most notably, Tiger Woods has trusted the same Scotty for 14 of his 15 major championships. Other Scotty players include Adam Scott, Brad Faxon, Rickie Fowler, Geoff Ogilvy, Jordan Spieth, Gary Woodland and Brooks Koepka.

Scotty’s also happen to be known for their top-of-the-line craftsmanship, timeless design and trusted performance. For those features, you typically pay a premium price. But once you try and are fitted for one, you can immediately understand the hype: they are pure putters for discerning players.

This year, Scotty has introduced their Special Select line with eight different models. One or more of these should fit any golfer’s eye and stroke. From those who love the timeless Newport and Newport 2 blades to those who prefer a half-moon mallet shape like the Del Mar or Fastback 1.5, there’s a Scotty for your game.

Scotty describes the putters as “Tour-inspired, sleeker blade and mid-mallet models with thinner and flatter toplines, refined neck configurations, performance balanced weighting, soft tri-soles and solid stainless steel construction.” Each one is precision-milled from 303 stainless steel to produce Scotty’ legendary and consistent sound and soft feel.

TaylorMade Truss

TaylorMade Truss Putters

One of the most important factors in putting, learned through high-speed cameras and advanced fitting technology of the last few years, has been stability. A stable putter avoids twisting at impact so that the face remains square to the target and can put the proper forward roll on the ball for more consistent putts.

For 2020, TaylorMade’s solution for additional stability is their brand new line of Truss putters. With two blades and two mallets, your game might be improved with a little more stability.

Now, the first thing you’ll notice about the Truss is the way they all look from behind. All of them look like they have a triangle or extra metal section attached to the top of the putter.

These unique hosel designs increase stability while managing to look familiar at address from the top down. According to TaylorMade, “by creating multiple contact points along with the topline, the Truss hosel design reduces the amount of unsupported mass and deflection at impact.”

In addition to the putter head having more stability, each one comes standard with a low torque KBS CT putter shaft. The Truss helps you get a better roll via the Cobalt Blue Pure Roll™ Insert. Its 45° grooves and softer polymer combine to increase topspin and improve forward roll, thus helping your ball start and stay on its intended line. Lastly, to dial in your preferred weight and feel, the changeable sole weights allow personalization for a variety of swing weights and CG placements.

Which of These Putters Is Right for You?

So which one of these should you try through GlobalGolf’s Utry® program? All of them.

No, seriously.

If you typically tend toward mallets, you should try a couple different ones and see which is most comfortable for your stroke and appealing to your eye.

If you’re looking for traditional, you can’t go wrong with either the Scotty Cameron or PING lines.

However, if you are looking for new twists on traditional designs with the latest bells and technological whistles, you better try at the Odyssey and TaylorMade lines.

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