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Divot Putting Aids & Putting Mats

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Divot Putting Aids

  • FAQs

    What is the best putting tip?

    The best putting tip is to practice your favorite drills on a Divot putting mat. If you’re in the midst of perfecting your putting stroke, doing so on a golf putting mat will keep everything about your setup and roll consistent so you can truly see your improvement and solidify your stroke before heading out to the golf course.

    How can I improve my golf putting?

    You can improve your putting with Divot putting aids. By using the best putting mat for 10 minutes each day before you head to the golf course, you’ll have created a system that allows you to check in with your putting stroke and make sure it’s ready to go before you tee off.

  • Overview

    Divot putting aids are one of the quickest ways to improve your putts per round. With all sorts of golf training aids to help make your putting stroke more consistent - from putting mats to even a golf putting mirror - why not invest in your game and start sinking more putts?

    Backed by PGA Professionals and more than 20 years of experience, Divot putting aids can improve your setup, stance, stroke and speed control. When you practice your putting off the golf course, you’ll see the results when it counts.

    You can trust Divot putting aids to lead you in the right direction, without the big price tag. When you shop direct with Divot, you get all the savings from cutting out the middleman.

  • Pro Tips

    Putting aids and golf putting mats are all about building a strong foundation for one of the most important parts of your game. Invest in Divot putting aids and in 10 minutes a day on them, and you’ll experience solid ball contact and distance control like never before.

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