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Pro Tip: Everything You Need to Know to Buy Golf Shoes Online

Pro Tip: Everything You Need to Know to Buy Golf Shoes Online

All too often, golfers neglect one of the most important pieces of their apparel: their golf shoes. In fact, you should think of shoes as an integral part of not only your wardrobe but also your equipment. If you don’t have the proper traction profile for your swing and conditions, you’re likely to suffer the consequences without even knowing it.

Are your golf shoes a few years old? It’s time to upgrade. Having good shoes for golf supports and balances your body by giving you a proper, stable base while providing the grip and traction necessary to avoid slipping; stability is what allows you to power your swing. The shoes should also be comfortable and protective from the elements so you can focus on your swing, not on your feet.

If you’re wondering where to buy golf shoes online, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does GlobalGolf carry the top brands on the market, but we also have plenty of Pro Tips to help you make the right decision. These are some of the most common questions we get about shoes:

  • What is the best way to figure out which shoes are best for you and your game?

  • With hundreds of models and styles on the market, how do you select the right pair?

  • Do you like spikes or spikeless?

This brings us to Pro Tip #44: When shopping for new golf shoes, consider these four factors:

  • Size

  • Comfort

  • Quality

  • Style

Choosing the Correct Golf Shoe Size for Men and Women

While many newer styles of shoes for golf are more sneaker-like than traditional, your normal shoe size may not be your golf shoe size. If possible, you should have your feet measured for both length and width. Then, try on a pair from the brand you are most interested in to gain an understanding of that brand's particular fit.

Just like sneakers or dress shoes, some brands run large or small, wide or narrow. That old trick your parents used when you were a kid still works today: making sure you have a fingernail width between your big toe and the tip of the shoe is a good rule of, well, thumb.

Finding the Correct Size for Men

One of the most common questions when searching for men’s golf shoes is, “Do these shoes come in ‘wide’?” Thankfully options like FootJoy men’s golf shoes and New Balance hear this question and respond with a resounding “Yes.”

For those golfers needing extra width in their shoes, we recommend starting with those two brands. PUMA men’s golf shoes are also known to be a bit bigger and it’s suggested that you size a half-size down if you prefer a tighter, snug fit.


How to Find the Balance Between Comfort and Performance in Your Golf Shoes

Nothing can be more distracting, irritating or painful than uncomfortable golf shoes. Gone are the days of extensive and (occasionally) painful break-in periods like dress shoes. Today, comfort is essential to selecting the proper pair of shoes. For many golfers, it’s a primary point of criteria.

However, choosing the right shoe will depend on how, where and when you play the game. More specifically, the appropriate shoe for a player who mainly rides is probably different from what is desired by a golfer who typically walks the course. Why is that?

Players who ride might put a premium on a stable and heavily-padded shoe with the highest level of softness and comfort in both the shoe's insert and cleats. This type of shoe tends to be heavier, which means spending extra energy if you are a walking golfer; however, this shoe could be perfect for a rider.

As for where to buy shoes for riding golfers versus walking golfers? Luckily, GlobalGolf has a wide selection of options for both.

PUMA Golf Shoes - Top Choice for Comfort and Performance

There’s a reason why PUMA golf shoes continue to be popular with all types of golfers, both professional and amateur. The newest iterations of PUMA men’s golf shoes combine great comfort, support and excellent grip.

The spike styles feature ‘pods’ (where the spikes are located on the sole), allowing each of the spikes to move independently from each other, providing what PUMA calls “3-dimensional traction” and extreme comfort. This spike technology means the traction of these shoes will fit a wide range of swings and necessary grip profiles. Finally, they’re waterproof, so that should give golfers additional peace of mind when dewsweeping.

PUMA IGNITE PWRAdapt Caged Golf Shoe

PUMA IGNITE PWRAdapt Caged Golf Shoe

PUMA ProAdapt AlphaCAT Golf Shoe

PUMA ProAdapt AlphaCAT Golf Shoe

Players who walk should look for a lightweight, flexible shoe with waterproofing. PUMA spikeless golf shoes are a great option as they provide exceptional flexibility and comfort since they are often designed similarly to tennis or sports shoes.

Spikeless golf shoes also provide plenty of stability as the spikes or "nubs" are strong enough to keep you grounded during the swing, yet soft enough to flex while walking, enhancing endurance throughout your round. In both men’s and women’s styles, PUMA spikeless golf shoes are ultra comfortable for the walking golfer.


ECCO Golf Shoes - Top Choice for Comfort and Casual Style

One of the brands with the most comfortable golf shoes on the market is ECCO. Something that makes their spikeless styles stand out is they are slightly heavier. Made from premium materials like YAK leather, they also feature a breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX® construction to prevent rain, dew or standing water from getting in (while still letting the foot’s natural moisture escape).

While these are comfortable enough for walking (like Freddie Couples at the Masters), if you’re looking to play more than 18 holes, you might consider a shoe that’s a little lighter to keep your legs fresh.

ECCO Biom H4 Golf Shoes

ECCO Biom H4 Golf Shoes

ECCO Biom H4 Golf Shoes

ECCO Biom H4 Golf Shoes

The type of spikes on the shoe can also affect the comfort of a pair of spiked shoes. Spikes are wider and distribute your weight more evenly when you stand. Nubs like the ones found on spikeless shoes are best for people with knee problems since they create the least amount of pressure up the leg.


Golf Shoes That Combine High Quality With Reasonable Price

Now, if you play golf regularly throughout the year, you need a more durable shoe than the casual golfer. While leather golf shoes are typically more expensive than shoes made from synthetic materials, they often provide improved waterproof technologies. The price of a leather shoe can vary as well, depending on its type and quality.

How many pairs of golf shoes should you have? It's a good idea to have multiple pairs of shoes if you play more than once a week. By rotating which shoes you wear, you can extend the life of each pair of shoes as well as allow a wet pair ample time to dry. Each pair will also keep its original fit, comfort and traction longer.

If you’d rather spend your golf budget elsewhere, remember you may find yourself buying a new pair (or more) every year if you play often but don’t invest in quality.

FootJoy Golf Shoes - Top Choice for Top-Quality and Durability

FootJoy FJ Fuel Golf Shoe

FootJoy FJ Fuel Golf Shoe

FootJoy FJ Flex XP Golf Shoe

FootJoy FJ Flex XP Golf Shoe

One of the most well-known leather golf shoemakers is FootJoy. A popular choice and often compared to Adidas in terms of comfort, FootJoy golf shoes are a valuable investment. If you take care of them, they will last for years and golf season after golf season.

As shoes have evolved, so have FootJoy’s offerings. They come in a good variety of colors, sizes and widths to help you dial in your best fit. If you’re looking at FootJoy men’s golf shoes, you won’t be disappointed by their durability, which makes them worth the investment.


Modern Golf Shoes That Fit Your Personality

A perfect pair of golf shoes fits your personality as well as your feet. FootJoy shoes are typically associated with more traditional saddle-style shoes (though they offer more modern styles, too).

On the other end of the spectrum, brands like PUMA, Nike and Adidas are more commonly associated with sneakers and offer many hybrid designs, which mix traditional and sneaker styles.

Today, shoes tend to be more sneaker-like but have a subtle style that can be worn in the car, onto the golf course and then onto a club’s patio, all while helping you minimize sweaty feet.

Foremost among them, Nike has been a leader in taking some of their sneaker styles and putting golf traction soles on them. Additionally, Adidas men’s golf shoes have been leading the way in footwear sustainability, particularly in the Adidas CodeChaos golf shoes line.

Nike Golf Shoes - Top Choice for the Sneakerhead

Nike Air Max 90G

Nike Air Max 90G

Nike Roshe G

Nike Roshe G

For golfers who prefer the sneaker-style golf choice, Nike is the best choice. With so many styles to choose from, these are the ultimate on-and-off the course pick.

While these sneaker-like golf shoes are quite comfortable, they can lack the traditional traction you need on days when the ground is a bit wet to keep your feet planted to the turf.


Adidas Golf Shoes - Top Choice for Jocks

Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoe

Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoe

Adidas S2G SL Golf Shoe

Adidas S2G SL Golf Shoe

Adidas men’s golf shoes in particular have embraced the sneaker look while also turning their attention to using recycled materials and minimizing their footprint. Adidas CodeChaos golf shoes are some of the hottest selling styles for golf on the market and put sustainability front and center.

Adidas men’s golf shoes in spikeless styles have an innovative traction pattern design to keep your feet grounded in all weather conditions. The lightweight stable feel includes Adidas BOOST technology for supreme walking comfort. And with a 2-year waterproof warranty, you can take these shoes through whatever wet elements you encounter on the golf course.


Unlike other pieces of golf equipment, your golf shoes are always with you on the course, so take the time to ensure you have found the right shoes for you. Whether you’re looking for golf shoes for men or women, consider the various factors listed above to figure out what is most important to you. Wherever you land, GlobalGolf will have a golf shoe that meets your needs.

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