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    Pro Tip: Adidas vs. FootJoy Golf Shoes -- Who is King of Comfort?

    Updated: Apr 19, 2022
    Pro Tip: FootJoy vs Adidas Golf Shoes

    Golf shoes are one of the most important purchases you can make for your game, especially if you’re walking 18 holes (or more!); that’s why choosing the right golf shoe between Adidas Golf and FootJoy is so important.

    Following Pro Tip #73 -- make sure that your golf shoes not only feel good for those four to five miles, but that they are also stylish and high-performing to boot -- is essential to lowering your score.

    Bonus Pro Tip: never pass up a good footwear pun.

    Fortunately, technological advancements allow you to have it all. No matter which shoe you choose, you will have high levels of comfort and performance; but when it comes down to the gritty details, which way should you lean?

    The GlobalGolf PGA Professionals have already given their input on the timeless “spiked versus spikeless” golf shoe debate. With those points top of mind, let’s dive into two of the top footwear brands and try to make your decision a little easier. While GlobalGolf carries many golf shoe brands, we love the royal comfort levels of Adidas and FootJoy golf shoes!

    Pro Tip Adidas vs Footjoy

    Adidas Golf Shoes -- Like Walking on a Cloud

    Adidas golf shoes have a sporty style that scream high performance. In addition to being a stylish, comfortable golf shoe, Adidas Golf is a huge proponent of sustainability; many of their shoes and apparel are made from Parley Ocean Plastic™ or recycled plastic to diminish their impact on the environment. Adidas Golf stepped up their “Look Good, Feel Good” game.

    GlobalGolf provides a wide array of Adidas men’s golf shoes and Adidas women’s golf shoes. In addition to plenty of style and color options, these shoes also contain Boost midsoles, which are said to be the equivalent of walking on a cloud. Let’s dive into some of the most popular Adidas golf shoes.



    Adidas CODECHAOS Golf Shoes

    The Adidas CODECHAOS golf shoes have always been known for their comfort, and starting in 2021, for their sustainable makeup in the Primeblue series. In addition to keeping your feet dry and stable during rainy rounds, the CODECHAOS shoes deliver big comfort with the Boost midsole, INSITE® sockliner and Fitfoam cushioning.

    Despite being a spikeless golf shoe, the Adidas CODECHAOS has enough traction to keep you swinging smoothly no matter the weather thanks to the Twist Grip soft rubber outsoles. In fact, Adidas spikeless golf shoes are some of the most popular shoes on both the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour.

    If fashion weighs heavily into your footwear preferences, the Adidas CODECHAOS options boast bright pops of color or neutral tones, and all are stylishly modern. Available in an array of colors, from a bright green to understated gray, these golf shoes are sure to make a statement.


    Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes

    Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoe

    If you prefer spiked golf shoes with a sneaker-like appearance, the Adidas ZG21 golf shoes are a great option for you. Also known as the Adidas Zero Gravity 21 shoes, this golf shoe was designed with comfort in mind.

    With similar features to the Adidas CODECHAOS, the ZG21 are the best of both worlds -- lightweight, sporty, innovative and spiked. In addition to the Boost midsole, the Adidas ZG21 golf shoes feature Lightstrike technology for extra comfort in the midsole; Lightstrike can also be found in Adidas basketball and running shoes.


    FootJoy Golf Shoes -- Are They Really the #1 Shoe in Golf?

    FootJoy golf shoes are a timeless classic. Known for their traditional leather golf shoes, FootJoy has evolved to fit today’s tastes. Though they keep leather in several of their designs (including those with the new BOA® laces), FootJoy now produces many sneaker-like golf shoes.

    Already a popular choice on Tour, FootJoy golf shoes continue to level up when it comes to comfort. Whether they’re using their OrthoLite EcoPlush cushioning, Fit-Bed Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) technology, DualDensity (D2) Midsole or a combination, loyal pros and amateurs alike deem FootJoy the most comfortable shoe in golf.

    In addition to comfort, FootJoy also produces high-performance golf shoes, with their VersaTrax+ giving even their spikeless golf shoes the stability you need to take your shot.

    Like Adidas Golf, GlobalGolf offers a variety of FootJoy men’s golf shoes and FootJoy women’s golf shoes. Whether you prefer a modern sneaker-like golf shoe or a traditional leather one, we have you covered. Let’s dive into some of our most popular FootJoy golf shoes below.



    FootJoy Pro|SL Golf Shoes

    FootJoy Pro SL Spikeless Golf Shoes

    A direct competitor to the Adidas CODECHAOS golf shoe, the FootJoy Pro|SL golf shoes come in several spikeless styles. Each Pro|SL golf shoe has its own twist, such as BOA® laces, a leather finish or breathability.

    For example, when it comes to FootJoy Pro|SL vs. Pro|SL Carbon golf shoes, many golfers find the Pro|SL to be more breathable, but the Pro|SL Carbon to be more stabilizing -- it’s all up to your preference and your typical playing conditions.

    Other popular features include waterproofness (while still being breathable) and scientifically designed support.


    FootJoy FX Flex XP Golf Shoes

    FootJoy FJ Flex XP Previous Season Shoe Style Spikeless Golf Shoes

    Another contender in the spikeless golf shoe space, the FootJoy FJ Flex XP golf shoes are a highly sought-after shoe. No one can argue the high performance and popularity of these FootJoy golf shoes. Like the Pro|SL shoes, the Flex XP shoes utilize FootJoy’s VersaTrax+ technology for a grip that won't slip, even when the grass is wet.

    With an athletic look and a breathable yet waterproof mesh, these FootJoy golf shoes will be comfortable on the course and on your way to the 19th hole. With a solid-color design, the style leans more traditional than Adidas’, although the blue color option provides a bit of flare. What’s also impressive is these FootJoy spikeless golf shoes composed of mesh still provide strong support for your feet.


    FootJoy vs. Adidas Golf Shoes -- Which Do You Choose?

    Choosing between FootJoy and Adidas golf shoes is a tough choice. If you’re leaning toward the sustainably sporty spikeless golf shoes, we recommend Adidas. If you enjoy the modern convenience of going spikeless, but wish to keep some of golf’s classic style, we recommend FootJoy.

    No matter which shoe you choose, you can rest assured the latest Adidas and FootJoy golf shoes are chock-full of innovative technology that will add a plush bounce to your step. Moreover, choosing the right shoe for you -- balancing comfort, style and performance -- will give you even more confidence (and comfort) on the golf course. After all, isn’t that the first step (get it!?) to lowering your golf score?