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Pro Tip: Swing Easy with Callaway Swing Tech Apparel

Swing Easy with Callaway Swing Tech Apparel

Callaway Swing Tech apparel solves one of the biggest issues in golf apparel: limited range of motion. Golf is already difficult enough, so having your full faculties is worth every penny. In addition to Callaway’s innovative apparel fix, GlobalGolf has a couple more pro tips on how to swing easy on the golf course.

Whether you’re battling physical, mental or environmental factors, GlobalGolf has three pro tips to keep you calm and collected on the course so you can focus on what matters most -- having fun and going low. Looking good is just a bonus.

Pro Tip #29 -- Swing Easy with Callaway Swing Tech Apparel

Callaway Swing Tech Gingham Shirt

Callaway Swing Tech Gingham Shirt

Callaway Swing Tech Heather Ergo 9” Shorts

Callaway Swing Tech Heather Ergo 9” Shorts

Callaway Swing Tech Waffle Fleece Outerwear Pullover

Callaway Swing Tech Waffle Fleece Pullover

Callaway men’s golf apparel plays a large role in not only keeping you comfortable and mobile during your swing, but also by giving you the confidence that you are limitless. Limitless in motion, limitless in opportunity.

The Swing Tech technology in the latest Callaway apparel does just that. With the extra stretch in all their pieces, from Callaway golf shirts and Callaway golf shorts to even Callaway golf outerwear, you can layer up knowing no matter how much you wear, you can take your full swing.

Imagine squatting down to read a putt and not feeling like your golf shorts are about to split up the seams. Callaway Swing Tech shorts are not only stylish, but they can also help you pull off a Camilo Villegas read.

Callaway golf apparel helps you swing easy because nothing is holding you back. Their cool designs and bright colors make it fun to jump on the Callaway apparel train.

Pro Tip #30 -- Swing Easy Knowing You Are a Solver

Sometimes, a round of golf can become extremely overwhelming. Breathing exercises tend to help, as do the occasional adult beverage, but how can you feel like you’re proactively putting your golf mental game first?

  1. Focus on one shot at a time to stay present.
  2. Approach that shot like a puzzle and determine the best way to “solve” it.
  3. Swing easy knowing you have the best strategy in place.
  4. Accept where the shot lands and get excited to strategize for the next challenge.

Before you know it, you’ll be conquering amazing shots left and right.

Pro Tip #31 -- Swing Easy When it’s Breezy

While this fun rhyme has been around for decades, how many of you actually swing easy when it’s breezy? When it’s windy out, you probably feel like you need to overcome the gusts. Rather than waste energy swinging faster and getting your tempo out of whack, think of ways to outplay the wind.

Accepting nature as a powerful force will allow you to use the wind to your advantage. Similar to Pro Tip #30, a gusty golf round is just another puzzle to solve. Following these pro tips will keep you calm in the face of your opponents/buddies and Mother Nature:

  1. Keep your normal swing tempo or intentionally swing a bit slower to counteract the wind bravado. Say “Ernie” when you take the club back and “Els” on your downswing -- who wouldn’t want Els’ buttery swing tempo?
  2. When playing into the wind:
    1. Keep your ball flight lower by clubbing up
    2. Put the ball slightly back in your stance
    3. Choke down a bit on the club
    4. Take a three quarter swing. The key is to finish your swing with your golf club at the 3 o’clock position (level with your hips), so don’t fully follow through.
  3. When playing with the wind, you can keep your normal ball flight, but make sure you club down a bit because the higher your shot, the more the wind affects your golf ball.

It helps to swing easy no matter what kind of jam you find yourself in. From having a full range of motion with Callaway Swing Tech Apparel to overcoming the golf course, staying calm and collected will do wonders for your game.

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