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    New and Used PING Fairway Woods

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    New and Used PING Fairway Woods

    • FAQs

      Which PING fairway wood model is best for me?

      It depends on what you are looking for in a fairway wood. If you are looking for power and distance, then you’ll want a fairway wood with a lower loft angle and lower spin levels at impact. A higher loft allows for greater precision.

      How do I clean PING Fairway Woods golf clubs?

      Use hot water and soap, then wipe down the face of the club with a microfiber cloth, paying close attention to the grooves in the club's face. Once your fairway wood is clean, give it a kick rinse, dry it off with the microfiber cloth, and store it with the headcover.

      Does Ping have good fairway woods golf clubs?

      Blending performance and forgiveness, Ping has been producing some of the best fairway woods on the market. For many years, Ping fairway woods have been a popular choice among amateurs and professionals.

      What is a fairway woods club?

      A Fairway Woods club is a miniature driver, in a sense. But unlike a typical driver it sports a higher loft, a smaller head and a shorter shaft, making it easier to hit the center of the face and be a more forgiving club all around.

      When do I use a PING fairway woods club?

      A fairway woods club is typically used for longer shots when more forgiveness is needed on those long shots.

    • Overview of PING Fairway Woods

      As an industry leader in fairway wood design and innovation since 1959, PING continues to deliver high-quality, world-class fairway woods. PING fairway woods display exceptional engineering to deliver maximum distance and accuracy while sitting low to the ground to give them an exceptional look, inspiring confidence with every swing. From the ultra-forgiving G-series to the more workable I-series, PING offers fairway woods to fit any level of golfer.

    • Pro Tip

      Did you know that PING Golf is based in Phoenix, Arizona? In 2019, the company celebrated its 60th anniversary. The company’s CEO and founder, Karsten Solheim, started Ping from his garage in Redwood City, California, where he built his first putter in 1959. That putter started it all when he noticed it made a “ping” sound when he struck the ball, which inspired the company's name. In 1962, a PING putter was used to win a PGA Tour event for the first time. Since then, PING has gone on to be an innovator in golf club design with high-quality irons and fairway woods that merge cutting-edge features to improve golfers’ games with sleek, tour-ready designs.

    • New and Used PING Fairway Woods by Year

      New and Used PING Fairway Woods in 2023

      The G430 Max is the latest edition in PING fairway woods, featuring Carbonfly Wrap technology to deliver more distance by positioning your CG (Center of Gravity) closer to the force line to maximize ball speed. This fairway wood is your best choice for giving your stroke higher and longer carries, allowing you to size up your long approach shots with 100% confidence.

      New and Used PING Fairway Woods in 2022

      The G425 SFT features a tungsten weight in the back to add stability on off-center hits, giving more forgiveness and low positioning to help increase the launch angle. The face is made with a complex face curvature that normalizes spin and increases ball speed, with greater distance resulting in lower results on the face.

      New and Used PING Fairway Woods in 2021

      Recognized as one of the best fairway woods of 2021, the Ping G410 fairway wood is ideal for players looking for higher launch with less spin in their shots to maximize longer shots. Both as a specialty and a perk for golfers with faster swing speeds to feel confident in, the G410 fairway wood is designed to get airborne shots more easily. The lightweight eight-position sleeve offers a wider range of loft and lie combinations for players.

      New and Used PING Fairway Woods in 2020

      As a budget option for players looking to get their hands on a PING fairway wood, the 2020 G20 offers great forgiveness and playability from anywhere on the course, making it a great addition to your golf bag. The G20 fairway wood features an external weighting system that positions the center of gravity lower and deeper, resulting in optimal launch angles and maximum carry distance for golfers of all skill levels.

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