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    Pro Tip: Bestselling XXIO Drivers by Year

    Pro Tip: Bestselling XXIO Drivers by Year

    XXIO Golf is well known for providing high-performing golf clubs to players with moderate swing speeds. Whether you’re just getting started in the game or have been in it for a while, these XXIO drivers offer you an opportunity to maximize your distance without having to swing any faster.

    GlobalGolf dives into the latest XXIO drivers by year so you can see the latest technological advancements, their handicap ranges, their swing speed ranges and the best ways to save money. To feel even more confident about your purchase, don’t forget to check out our XXIO driver selector tool, USelect®, and try the latest drivers at home with UTry®.

    If you’re looking to save a bit more money on your purchase, you can always look into used XXIO drivers as well as into trading in your current driver with UTrade-In® and using that credit to lower your new driver’s price tag. While having the newest technology in your bag is always a confidence booster, having new-to-you technology is also a great pick-me-up.


    2022: XXIO 12, X Drivers

    The XXIO 12 drivers are the lightest XXIO golf clubs yet and fulfill their promise of making golf “easier” for you. Every aspect of the XXIO 12 design is geared toward making your golf ball go farther and straighter.

    There’s also a XXIO 12 Ladies driver. It comes with the same design and technology as the XXIO 12 but has lighter and shorter club shafts and more flexes. There are also higher loft options available in the women’s XXIO 12 driver.

    The XXIO X drivers are the company’s entry into players clubs. While they have a similar build to the 12 drivers and are still lightweight, they have more adjustability and play up the Rebound Frame technology for faster ball speeds.

    Main Technological Advancement: ActivWing

    XXIO Golf’s ActivWing technology ensures your club face is as square as possible at impact. It also optimizes your launch angle to get you the most distance and forgiveness.

    Handicap Range: Low to High

    The XXIO 12 driver and the XXIO 12 ladies driver are both geared toward mid to high handicaps (15-30), and the XXIO X driver is for low to mid handicaps (10-25); the main factor between choosing a XXIO driver over another brand is your swing speed. Will your drives benefit from swinging a lighter weight golf club? We have the swing speeds listed below.




    2021: XXIO Prime Drivers

    The XXIO Prime drivers continued the mission of providing golfers with slower swing speeds the chance to up their game through a lighter construction. This XXIO driver has draw bias built into the design to help you fix your slice as well.

    While this model doesn’t have the ActivWing technology (and, therefore, might be slightly shorter and less forgiving), the XXIO Prime driver does have a Star Frame for added consistency and forgiveness. This driver is still a great option for those looking to up their game without upping prices.

    Main Technological Advancement: Rebound Frame

    XXIO Golf’s Rebound Frame technology gives you a better chance to gain distance through increased ball speeds, even on a mis-hit. Paired with the Flat Cup Face technology, you’ll find a hotter club face with a larger sweet spot than the prior model, the ELEVEN.

    Handicap Range: Mid to High

    The XXIO Prime drivers are for mid to high handicaps (10-25).

    2020: XXIO ELEVEN Drivers

    The XXIO ELEVEN drivers were quite popular since their debut in North America. While the designs have certainly evolved, there’s still technology worth investing in with the XXIO ELEVEN driver if you’re looking for more distance at a lower cost.

    The XXIO ELEVEN driver can be pegged as the start of emphasizing lightweight golf clubs in the U.S. XXIO Golf, originating in Japan, has had decades of experience in experimenting with lightweight technology; we were lucky to have this model break into the market and provide new and experienced golfers with another valuable option.

    Main Technological Advancement: Star Frame

    Like the XXIO Prime driver the following year, the XXIO ELEVEN driver sports the Star Frame for increased forgiveness and overall ball contact. The weight positioning provided XXIO Golf with the opportunity to design a thinner sole, simultaneously increasing ball speeds and forgiveness.

    Handicap Range: Mid to High

    The XXIO ELEVEN driver is aimed toward mid to high handicaps (15-30) with lower swing speeds.



    XXIO Driver Swing Speeds

    Since all of these XXIO drivers are lightweight, you may be looking for some extra information around swing speed ranges. Each model has a specified range to help you determine the best XXIO driver for you.

    Below are the XXIO driver swing speed ranges from lowest to highest:

    • XXIO Prime Driver: less than 80 mph
    • XXIO ELEVEN Driver: less than 90 mph
    • XXIO 12 Driver: 80-95 mph
    • XXIO X Driver: 90-100 mph

    These swing speeds, paired with the handicap ranges (all mid to high aside from the Prime X driver), are a great way to figure out which XXIO driver fits your game. One of the main reasons avid golfers switch to XXIO is that the lightweight design puts off exhaustion; if you’re swinging the golf club approximately 60 times per round (assuming a two-putt average on the greens), you can tire and lose distance and accuracy quickly.

    The XXIO drivers allow you to keep up energy throughout the round by expending less during each golf swing. All of the other technology that XXIO Golf employs is an added bonus for extra distance, more forgiveness and different ball flights.

    XXIO golf irons follow the same philosophy if you’re truly looking to decrease your energy spend throughout your entire round versus just off the tee.