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Pro Tip: Keep Your Golf Gloves Like New

Updated: Aug 23, 2021
Pro Tip Keep Your Golf Gloves Like New

Golf gloves are an essential part of your round. Like tees, you sometimes don’t realize how often you use them until the material is ripped or the grip has gone slick. How do you extend your golf glove’s shelf life? Our GlobalGolf pros have a few tips for you.

1. Pro Tip #76: Let Your Golf Glove Dry

One of the most important tasks during and after your round is letting your glove dry. Whether hanging from the cart between shots or strapped to your golf bag’s handle when you’re done playing, make sure your glove is as flat and dry as possible before it goes back in your bag.

Not only will wadding up a wet glove give off a “lovely” smell the next time you play, but the dried wrinkles make the glove more susceptible to tears and holes, dramatically shortening its lifespan. Don’t you just love gloves with holes in them?

2. Pro Tip #77: Store Your Golf Glove Properly

Storage also plays a key role in protecting your golf gloves. Just like when you open a new glove from its flat packaging, putting your dry glove back in a plastic bag and laying it flat will increase its longevity.

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too dried out, and a plastic bag will help your golf glove retain the right amount of moisture to keep it from cracking and ripping the next time you put it on.

3. Pro Tip #78: Use a FootJoy RainGrip or TaylorMade TP Leather Golf Glove

FootJoy RainGrip Glove

FootJoy RainGrip Glove

TaylorMade TP (Tour Preferred) Glove

TaylorMade TP (Tour Preferred) Glove

This is a favorite pro tip of ours (and one you will see many Tour players implementing on the course). Rain gloves, like FootJoy’s RainGrip, are not only sturdier than your typical golf glove, but their grip actually increases with moisture. That’s right -- the more you sweat, the less slippery your rain glove becomes. While, in this case, some pros use only one rain golf glove, you will still have the second half of the pair if you get caught during a summer storm.

Secondly, purchasing a more premium leather golf glove will also be worth the investment. The TaylorMade TP (Tour Preferred) are more breathable, which allows the glove to dry faster. Just like with all TaylorMade products, it’s easy to trust in their legacy.