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  • Pro Tip: Introducing Cleveland Golf RTX 6 ZipCore Wedges

    Pro Tip: Introducing Cleveland Golf RTX 6 ZipCore Wedges

    Known for its robust selection of wedges, Cleveland Golf clubs are well-known in the golf industry. And the RTX 6 ZipCore line of golf wedges continues to improve on Cleveland’s memorable legacy.

    Cleveland Golf’s RTX 6 ZipCore is an exceptional line of wedges hitting the market in 2023. They’re infused with robust innovations and a revolutionary design to allow you to enjoy maximized greenside spin wherever your ball lands.


    What’s New With the 2023 Cleveland Wedges?

    This iteration of Cleveland’s powerful wedges comes equipped with exciting, new features that can help you on your next chip shot and more.

    1. HydraZip Maximizes Spin

    The updated HydraZip infusion to the Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge adds a unique laser-milled line design to enhance friction during the shot. This efficiently maximizes spin regardless of terrain or unsavory weather – especially during wet conditions.

    This intricate club face feature is paired with a matte finish that reduces glare while you prepare for your shot and adds an eye-catching design that oozes sophistication.

    2. ZipCore Helps You Hit That ‘Sweet Spot’

    The renovated ZipCore feature is another proprietary inclusion to the line that has evolved the wedges and their capabilities. ZipCore is a low-density core technology that places the CG (center of gravity) right where you strike the ball and increases MOI (moment of inertia), helping you ace your next shot.

    These updates allow players to experience improved speed, spin, consistency and overall feel.

    3. UltiZip Club Grooves Slice Through Rough Terrain

    UltiZip is a groove pattern restyling that features grooves that are much sharper, deeper and closely aligned for improved spin performance on rough surfaces and terrain.

    This design more easily and more powerfully slices through harsh debris for increased control, consistency and power. And this latest version provides additional grooves to aid in that enhanced shot strength in the sand, rough or wherever you need that support.


    2023 Cleveland Wedges: The Full Lineup

    The 2023 line of Cleveland wedges comprises cutting-edge technologies that cut through debris, stand-out regardless of condition or terrain and increase consistency in the rough or elsewhere.

    RTX 6 ZipCore Tour Satin

    Cleveland’s RTX 6 ZipCore is a transformative wedge that incorporates advanced technologies to help you take your game to the next level around the green and even from the fairway.

    With the extra control in wet conditions thanks to the HydraZip technology, you’ll find more consistency with every chip. Additionally, the UltiZip feature emphasizes the impact of deep club head grooves to bite through debris, maximizing spin performance for each loft. For example, the higher lofted Cleveland wedges have more laser lines for even more spin control.

    The RTX 6 ZipCore line of wedges also offer 4 unique sole grinds:

    1. Low: A c-shaped design built to master your open-face or flop shots around the green.
    2. Low+: Maximized for increased sand performance, the c-shaped grind design provides optimized versatility and bounce.
    3. Mid: This v-shaped sole is perfect for full swings and open-face shots in all conditions.
    4. Full: Providing stability, decreased bounce and extra forgiveness, this wedge is ideal in the sand, rough and around the green.

    The RTX 6 ZipCore has a chrome-plated 8620 steel build with high glare reduction and rust-resistance. This line of wedges comes in a tour satin as well as a black satin finish.


    CBX Full-Face 2

    If you’re looking for a wedge that’ll hit the desired trajectory and spin without sacrificing forgiveness during the shot, the Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 is the wedge for you.

    The CBX Full-Face 2 is the largest wedge in the Cleveland lineup, and this size comes alongside the same, transformative technology found in the RTX 6 ZipCore wedge models. The main difference with this Cleveland wedge is the grooves lie across the entire club face.

    Two grind options – full sole and c-shaped – offer an innovative, new bounce chamber that increases bounce on full swings as well as short shots, increasing overall forgiveness.

    Enjoy a larger club head - and a larger sweet spot - that comes equipped with water-resistant finishing, HydraZip laser edging and deeper, sharper UltiZip grooves. These advancements, plus the upgraded ZipCore technology, leave the wedge feeling lighter, stronger and better prepared to help you hit the ball closer to the pin every time.


    Cleveland RTX 6 ZipCore vs. RTX ZipCore Wedge

    Much of what made up the previous Cleveland RTX ZipCore line of wedges still remains in the ZipCore 6 version, though there are key updates that make the newest wedges stand out against its predecessors.

    HydraZip is the newest inclusion in the current line with more friction added to the face with laser technology to maximize spin and efficiency. Additionally, the UltiZip grooves are ever-more present, with an additional two grooves added to the face to cut stronger and deeper into debris for a powerful, accurate shot.

    ZipCore still remains, though new technology, data and research has been infused into the current model. These updates have helped to create a wedge that has a center of gravity perfectly situated to ensure you hit that sweet spot every time – and see the improvements to your short game in return.

    How to Find the Right Cleveland Wedges for You

    The RTX ZipCore 6 line offers a new design, improved grooving and a specialized weighting system to help you reach the perfect spin, loft and distance on your pitches and chips. There are some significant updates in the 2023 line, but depending on your gameplay and your familiarity with the wedges themselves, you might find it hard to know which set is right for you.

    Luckily, GlobalGolf offers a number of resources to take the guesswork out of what your next set of clubs will look like.

    USelect® – Customized Wedges and Club Options

    USelect® is a selector tool that helps you understand your golf club and equipment needs. Get personalized recommendations whether you’re looking for a driver, a wedge, a putter or a set of irons from our staff of PGA Professionals.

    UTry® – Give a New Wedge a Shot

    UTry® is another program we offer that allows you to try out a club or set before committing to fully buying it. The program is simple – whether you’re seeking out a wedge or an iron set, you can test out a new product for up to 14 days.

    After 14 days, you can send it back or you can buy it by paying the difference.

    UTrade-In® – Upgrade Your Set With Ease

    Another great offering we have is UTrade-In®. This allows you to trade in your current set of golf clubs for a credit to be used on new products you want to try or buy.

    Trading in your wedges each year will not only get you the latest technology and upgraded grooves in your bag, but you’ll also be paying less each year thanks to having valuable trade-in options.

    Buy Used Wedges to Up Your Game

    We also offer a wide selection of used golf clubs – irons, wedges, drivers and more. These are pre-owned, certified products that have been thoroughly inspected and cleaned to ensure they meet your standards.

    While you may never have considered buying used wedges before, our staff will never list those in poor conditions so you don’t have to worry about super worn down grooves.

    Cleveland Wedges Make an Impact

    The RTX ZipCore 6 Cleveland Wedges come equipped with a host of helpful features, adding spin, enhancing control and boosting consistency on the fairway and fringe, in the sand or in the rough. This line of Cleveland wedges offer durability and style, rounding out your golf bag in a way you can trust.

    Whether you’ve been using Cleveland golf clubs for years or are looking to try out a new brand, your short game will absolutely benefit from the inclusion of the RTX line, thanks to their terrain versatility, loft capabilities and bounce.

    Get your hands on these Cleveland golf wedges today.