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    Titleist SM9 Clubs

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    Shaft Material

    Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

    Ttitleist Vokey SM9 Wedges hero

    Superior Results in Next-Generation Head Design

    The new Vokey SM9 Wedges by Titleist are the latest model in the famous Vokey Wedge lineup. The new Vokey SM9 Wedgess give you incredible consistency, versatility, and creativity from any lie on the course.

    Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges grooves

    Spin Milled Groove Structure

    To maximize spin and longevity, an all new spin-milled groove structure has been implemented on the Vokey SM9 Wedgess. In addition, the grooves are also dynamic in depth, meaning low lofts (46°°-54°) have narrow and deep groves, whereas higher lofts (56°-62°) have shallower and slightly wider grooves.

    Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges tech

    Unique Grinds Designed for Different Parts of Your Game

    The 6 unique grinds used on the Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges utilize individual characteristics to make each grind its own. Check out the specs of each grind to see the unique traits of each wedge!


    • D Grind

      The D Grind Wedge utilizes the highest bounces in the SM9 Wedge lineup. This grind is optimized for players with unique club face positions at impact and steeper swing paths.

      Loft Bounce Length Lie Angle Swing Weight
      54° 12° 35.25" 64° D5
      56° 12° 35.25" 64° D5
      58° 12° 35" 64° D5
      60° 12° 35" 64° D5
    • F Grind

      The F Grind Wedge is the ideal grind for full swing shots. This all-purpose grind features a classic shaped sole give you optimized results with square face full swings.

      Loft Bounce Length Lie Angle Swing Weight
      46° 10° 35.75" 64° D5
      48° 10° 35.75" 64° D5
      50° 35.5" 64° D5
      50 12° 35.5" 64° D5
      52° 35.5" 64° D5
      52° 12° 35.5" 64° D5
      54° 14° 35.25" 64° D5
      56° 14° 35.25" 64° D5
    • K Grind

      The K Grind Wedge is the ultimate grind for control in softer conditions. The wider and full sole on the K Grind makes sand shots and shots hit in wet conditions consistent.

      Loft Bounce Length Lie Angle Swing Weight
      58° 14° 35" 64° D5
      60° 14° 35" 64° D5
    • L Grind

      The L Grind Wedge is the most versatile grind in the SM9 lineup. This low bounce option gives you unrivaled control and verstaility around the greens. This grind also is perfect for firm conditions, helping to create smooth release at impact.

      Loft Bounce Length Lie Angle Swing Weight
      60° 35" 64° D5
    • M Grind

      The M Grind Wedge is the ideal multi-purpose grind for shots hit with many clubhead positions. This grind allows easy open and close rotation on the downswing for extreme control.

      Loft Bounce Length Lie Angle Swing Weight
      56° 35.25" 64° D5
      58° 35" 64° D5
      60° 35" 64° D5
      62° 35" 64° D5
    • S Grind

      The S Grind Wedge utilizes a fullsize sole with a narrow trailing edge. This improves turf interaction, specifically in neutral or firm conditions.

      Loft Bounce Length Lie Angle Swing Weight
      54° 10° 35.25" 64° D5
      56° 10° 35.25" 64° D5
      58° 10° 35" 64° D5
      60° 10° 35" 64° D5