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    Ping Heppler Clubs

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    Ping Heppler Putters Overview

    Putter bottom and face


    Golfers who like a firm feel and sound will love Ping’s Heppler putters, each crafted with a flat, machined face for confidence-boosting feedback. The lineup features multi-material mallets and mid-mallets built from steel and pressure-cast aluminum for exceptional forgiveness, precision and consistency. The copper and black finish is not only appealing, it provides cues for proper alignment. With the exception of the Piper Armlock model, every Heppler putter comes with an adjustable-length shaft in exclusive black chrome. Fitting is available to match any stroke style (straight-back-and-through, slight arc, strong arc).

    Putter Face

    Game Changing Sound and Feel

    While other PING putters feature grooved faces, each Heppler model’s machined face is completely flat to create a firm, confidence-boosting feel and sound. Materials (steel and/or aluminum, depending on the model) are precisely positioned for maximum forgiveness with an optimum center of gravity.

    Multiple Materials make up Putter Head

    High MOI Designs

    Super-high MOI (Moment of Inertia) is the key to forgiveness. PING’s engineers achieved it across the Heppler line by combining steel with lightweight aluminum, then strategically shaping each putter to maximize perimeter weighting. Heppler mallets and mid-mallets feature pressure-cast aluminum for superior quality and precision, while the Tomcat 14’s unique alignment aid was inspired by runway lights.

    Adjusting Shaft Length

    Firmer Adjustable Shaft

    Continuing the “firmer feel” theme, PING tweaked the Heppler lineup’s adjustable-length shaft to provide just that. An easy-to-use tool lets you change the shaft’s length in ¼-inch increments, from 32” to 36”, while the grip stays perfectly aligned.

    Address View of Anser 2

    Anser 2

    A stylish update to the classic PING Anser 2, this Heppler model is all steel with an eye-catching, black-and-copper design. What hasn’t changed: the Anser 2’s heel-toe weighting, angled heel ballast and exceptional performance.

    Address View of Fetch


    The follow-up to PING’s unique Sigma 2 Fetch model, the Heppler version boasts higher MOI (and greater forgiveness) thanks to the precise positioning of its aluminum and steel pieces. The contrasting copper and black sharpen your focus on the alignment guide, while the golf-ball-sized hole lets you pick up the ball from the green or – hopefully – from the cup. No bending over required.

    Address View of Floki


    Golfers with a “strong arc” should flock to Floki, a high-MOI mallet designed for minimal twisting. Floki’s black face and alignment guide contrast with a copper perimeter to enhance your focus – and boost your confidence.

    Address View of Ketsch


    Half steel, half aluminum and almost twice the MOI of its sibling (the PING Vault 2.0 Ketsch). It’s also the only putter in the Heppler lineup with a three-line alignment guide, which frames the ball and provides superb visual feedback.

    Address View of Piper Armlock

    Piper Armlock

    With its mid-mallet head shape, 41.5” shaft and 21” grip, this model is purpose-built for golfers who use the “armlock” style. It also features a low center of gravity and high MOI for a pure roll, even on miss-hits.

    Address View of Piper C

    Piper C

    Not just another center-shafted putter, PING’s Heppler Piper C boasts a lower center of gravity (and smoother roll) than most others of its kind. The MOI is higher, too, thanks to steel weights planted into the heel and toe of the aluminum body.

    Address View of Tomcat 14

    Tomcat 14

    Ready your putting for takeoff with the Heppler Tomcat 14, whose unique alignment guide emulates the lights on a runway. The dots are farther apart near the clubface, closer together near the back portion, resulting in better eye tracking. The Tomcat 14 also boasts the highest MOI in the Heppler lineup.

    Address View of Tyne 3

    Tyne 3

    This putter’s thick flange creates a lower, deeper center of gravity and high MOI. That’s a fancy way to say it’s extremely forgiving when you miss the sweet spot, so your worst putts still have a chance to go in.

    Address View of ZB3


    This simple-looking model features loads of technology. For example, large heel and toe ballasts pair with an enlarged cavity to bump up the MOI. And the basic alignment dot is research-proven to make aiming easier for golfers with a strong arc.

    Ping Heppler Putter Specs

    Putter Model Putter Type Length Range w/ Adjustable Shaft Head Weight Stroke Type Lie Angle Loft
    Anser 2 Blade 32" - 36" 350g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° ±3°
    Fetch Mallet 32" - 36" 365g Straight 20° ±2° 3° ±3°
    Floki Mallet 32" - 36" 365g Strong Arc 20° ±4° 3° ±3°
    Ketsch Mallet 32" - 36" 370g Slight Arc, Straight 20° ±2° 3° ±3°
    Piper Armlock Mid Mallet 41.5" 355g Slight Arc, Straight 20° ±2° 6° (custom lofts available)
    Piper C Mid Mallet 32" - 36" 365g Straight 20° ±4° 3° ±1°
    Tomcat 14 Mallet 32" - 36" 370g Slight Arc, Straight 20° ±2° 3° ±3°
    Tyne 3 Mallet 32" - 36" 360g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° ±3°
    ZB3 Blade 32" - 36" 355g Strong Arc 20° ±4° 3° ±3°