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  • New and Used Callaway Big Bertha REVA Combo Iron Set Golf Clubs


    Very Good
    Big Bertha REVA Combo
    Player Type
    Clubs Type
    5-PW, SW Iron Set
    5H, 6-PW, SW
    Right Hand
    Lie Angle
    Black/None Standard Lie
    Callaway RCH 45 Graphite
    Has Headcover
    Has Tool
    Shaft Material

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    If you’re looking for more distance, these irons are made for you. The Big Bertha REVA Irons bring the legendary Bertha shaping together with a brand new formula for improving distance and forgiveness. This is the first women’s Big Bertha Iron to include the A.I. Designed Flash Face Cup. Callaway delivers a technology package that promotes higher ball speeds, higher launch and straighter shots to bring out the confidence you didn’t think was possible. The Visible Tungsten Energy Core deepens the CG to make these irons easier to launch. The proprietary urethane microspheres provide an outstanding feel at impact by absorbing unwanted vibration without reducing speed.

    Condition Description

    Clubs in Very Good Condition have been played with and cared for in an appropriate fashion. The markings that you will likely find on Very Good Condition products will show typical wear of models of its age. All of the wear is purely cosmetic, and will not in any way affect the performance of the club. Among the wear that you may see on clubs in Very Good Condition: NOTE: Some irons are designed to rust over time. This is not considered adverse wear. Normal ball marks on the faces; minor scratching on the soles; no significant dings on the heads; no significant wear on the shafts.
    Very Good Condition
    Iron Set Example
    EXAMPLE IMAGE: Very Good Condition Iron Set
    Very Good Condition
    Iron Set Video
    PLAY VIDEO: Very Good Condition Iron Set


    • Designed for Women to Unlock Your Inner Distance – Callaway looked extensively at player performance data to build an iron set with optimized specs to help you hit your tee shots a lot farther.
    • Amazing Forgiveness From Legendary Big Bertha Shaping – A club profile that golfers love is engineered to give you more confidence over the ball with wider soles. Increased offset promotes easier launch, lower spin and straighter shots.
    • Higher Launch with VTEC – Callaway added a significant amount of custom tungsten weighting to deepen the CG while still maintaining ball speed in the Flash Face Cup to promote higher launch through the set.
    • Pure Feel with Urethane Microspheres – Patented microspheres absorb unwanted vibration for an exceptional feel and sound, without reducing ball speeds.
    • Premium Components – Speed-enhancing RCH 40 Shaft and a premium Lamkin Women’s ST Soft Grip.

    Technology / Specs

    B21 REVA iron Head1

    Improved Distance No Matter The Swing

    The Big Bertha REVA Irons are the longest, straightest, and most forgiving irons Callaway has ever created for women, and combined with the easy-to-launch REVA Hybrids, will provide you the best Combo Set to have your distance go up and your scores go down.

    B21 REVA iron Face

    Legendary Shape Gives More Forgiveness

    For the Big Bertha REVA irons, Callaway went into their collection and optimized the design of the legendary Big Bertha irons to give you more confidence and control over your golf ball. Wider soles on the Big Bertha REVA irons coupled with the minor offset provides higher launch angles and more spin.

    B21 REVA iron Draw Bias

    Urethane Microspheres Give REVA Pure Feel

    The design of the Big Bertha REVA irons includes many urethane microspheres on the sole of the club to absorb some of the vibrations made at impact, giving you a soothing sound and feel at impact.

    B21 REVA iron Head2

    Tungsten Core Raises Launch Angle

    The head design of the Big Bertha REVA incoprorates a large amount of Tungsten weighting in the core, helping to make the center of gravity deeper in the face which leads to higher launch angles. The Flash Face Cup helps to maintain high ball speeds even on higher lofted shots, ensuring you won't lose any distance.

    B21 REVA Hybrid Face

    A.I. Designed Face for Faster Ball Speed

    Callaway has accelerated the use of their A.I Flash Face technology on the new Big Bertha REVA Hybrid, allowing for higher ball speeds across more area of the club face, resulting in longer, straighter shots, even if they miss the center of the face.

    B21 REVA Hybrid Head2

    Stronger, Lighter Head Raises Average Speed

    The head design of the Big Bertha REVA Hybrid boosts speed, launch angle, and forgiveness through the use of Dual MIM'd Tungsten Weights. Coupled with the increased offset, these weights allow for a much more foward Center of Gravity for lower spin and longer distance.

    B21 REVA Hybrid Draw Bias

    Slight Draw Bias to Eliminate Slice

    The design of the Big Bertha REVA Hybrid was made to raise launch angle, producing a much straighter shot that remains airborne for longer. The lighter carbon used to create the head also gives the club a higher MOI, which helps to produce more forgiveness and accuracy on every shot.

    Callaway Big Bertha REVA Combo Set Options

    Model Loft Dexterity Lie Angle Length Swing Weight Offset
    4 Hybrid 24° RH/LH 59.5° 39.5" C2 -
    5 Hybrid 27° RH/LH 60° 39" C2 -
    6 Hybrid 30° RH/LH 60.5° 38.5" C2 -
    6 iron 28° RH/LH 62° 37" C2 7.366mm
    7 iron 31.5° RH/LH 62.5° 36.5" C2 6.858mm
    8 iron 35° RH/LH 63° 36" C2 6.096mm
    9 iron 39° RH/LH 63.5° 35.5" C2 5.461mm
    PW 44° RH/LH 64° 35.25" C2 4.699mm
    AW 49° RH/LH 64° 35" C2 3.810mm
    SW 54° RH/LH 64° 34.75" C2 3.175mm

    Callaway Big Bertha REVA Combo Set Shaft Options

    Shaft Name Flex Weight Torque Kickpoint
    Callaway RCH 40i Graphite Womens Women's Light 40g High Low
    Callaway RCH 40i Graphite Womens Women's 45g High Low
    Callaway RCH 40 Light HYB Graphite Womens Women's Light 40g High Low
    Callaway RCH 40 HYB Graphite Womens Women's 45g High Low

    Callaway Big Bertha REVA Iron Grip Options

    Grip Brand and Model Grip Size Grip Color
    Lamkin Comfort ST Soft Standard Black