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Pro Tip: Cleveland Wedges Allow You to Zip Around Greens

Pro Tip Zip Around the Greens with Cleveland

Cleveland Golf’s newest wedge -- the RTX ZipCore -- is going to make a huge splash (and not just out of the bunker). Using the line of RTX wedges as the foundation, Cleveland has implemented technology never used before. And for a company lauded for its wedges, you know the RTX ZipCore is going to be good.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Sand Wedge

The name of the game for this Cleveland wedge is consistency. Both the new mass position and the grooves set every golfer up for more consistency around the greens. Chipping can improve your game by who knows how many strokes. Pro Tip #97 states that chipping with a consistently great wedge will lower your golf score exponentially (and help you avoid blow-up holes).

Why is that? Golfers rarely hit 18 greens per round, so how do you salvage par if you’re not on the green in regulation? Chipping and putting. You can increase your chance of getting up and down if you chip the ball closer to the hole. This sounds like common sense, yet golfers often prioritize driver and iron shots during their practice sessions; all areas of the game need practice, but chipping is where the magic happens.

Bonus Pro Tip: Try some of these chipping games to make that part of your practice session more fun!

Your chipping skills can save par and make you feel like a pro. That low-running chip on #1, that lob on #3, that flop on #4, even that bunker shot on #7 -- all great shots you can execute with the same wedge. And Cleveland’s ZipCore wedges have the technology to get you even closer to the hole for a better chance to sink those birdie-making and par-saving putts.

Aside from the core of the Cleveland wedge being lighter than before, one feature we at GlobalGolf want to highlight are the new grooves. Again, Cleveland is a leader in wedges, so when they release the newest groove configuration, we should all pay attention.

Cleveland’s new grooves are sharper, deeper and more plentiful, all allowing for greater consistency around the greens. They were able to pack in even more groove lines onto the wedge, maintaining the classic look while also increasing the wedge’s durability with a heating technique. Suffice it to say, you won’t have to worry about these amazing grooves wearing down quickly.

Find your Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge at GlobalGolf and zip around the greens like never before.

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