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  • Pro Tip: Sun Protection is Cool

    Pro Tip Sun Protection is Cool

    If you are golfing, there is a 100% chance you need to consider protecting your skin from the sun. Even on a cloudy day, the sun’s harmful rays shine through, forcing you to cover up if you want to prevent sunburn, or worse.

    How can you protect your skin from the sun without overheating? GlobalGolf has a few pro tips to help you stay cool no matter what time of year you’re playing. After all, Pro Tip #90 states it’s important to protect your skin from the sun, and you might as well look and feel good while doing it.

    While sunscreen may seem like a simple answer, how many of us like to avoid feeling sticky at all costs? Here are some of our other favorite products to keep you safe on the golf course.

    1. Golf Shirts

     Adidas Ultimate365 Polo

    The type of golf shirts you buy can also play a large role in protecting your skin with less sunscreen application. The Pros at GlobalGolf recommend the Adidas Ultimate line, which not only provides UV protection in select items but also has the newest technology to keep your shirt breathable and cool.

    2. Golf Hats

    Golf Hat

    Golf hats are an easy way to protect your scalp and forehead from the sun. While it’s easy to think hair will do the trick, dermatologists disagree and recommend wearing hats on the course. Plus, now you can sport your favorite golf brand or sports team -- it’s a win-win!

    3. Golf Sunglasses


    The last sun protection item we recommend is sunglasses. Shades go much further than providing you with style. Oakley sunglasses, among others, decrease the glare and the need to squint, so your eyes will stay young. You have to be able to see if you want to keep sinking putts for the rest of your life!

    4. Sparms

    Sparms Sleve
    Sparms Shoulder Wrap

    Sparms are a beautiful invention. These sleeves protect you from 98% of the sun’s harmful rays and come in two different styles. You can either roll up your sleeves, literally, or wear the shoulder version, which goes on like a shirt. The latter is ideal for sleeveless shirts because it provides full coverage.

    The Sparms come in different sizes and colors, so you will always be able to coordinate them with your outfit. Imagine having the benefits of wearing a UV-protected long-sleeve shirt under your favorite golf polo without actually wearing a second shirt!

    Bonus: Pro Tip #91 -- pour some ice water on your sleeves before you put Sparms on and refresh them at the turn to stay even cooler.

    Sunny days on the golf course are the best, and taking some of these precautions to protect your skin will pay off now and in your future.