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Cobra S3 – New Woods and Irons for Spring 2011

Updated: Oct 16, 2014
This article introduces products from a previous model year.
To see the latest Cobra golf clubs, please visit our Cobra irons and Cobra drivers pages.

Cobra S3 Driver

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There are two features of the technology that make this club unique. First, a new take on the 9 Point Face of the S2 is the E9 Face Technology – a new system creating a 30% larger Sweet Zone aimed at greater forgiveness, increased length and accuracy. E9 incorporates:

Larger, Elliptical Face (1) - The new taller, elliptical face shape mirrors ball impact patterns to increase ball speed where golfers hit most often. The S3 has the sweet spot positioned middle towards high on the toe, where the average golfer will have the majority of mis-hits. This is an improvement over the S2, which had the sweet spot middle to top in a strictly vertical progression.

Thin, Hot Face with Beveled Perimeter Design (2) - A new optimized face thickness design increases ball speed across a wider face area. An exclusive beveled perimeter design reduces wall thickness around the clubface, which shifts weight low and back to optimize launch conditions.

The second key feature is the Adjustable Flight Technology (AFT), carried over from the S2, offering three simple face-angle settings (Open, Neutral and Closed) to optimize ball flight.

Head Material – Titanium 6-4 head and face with Aluminum Hosel Sleeve
Grip – Cobra/Golf Pride
Shaft – Fujikura Blur TX005, 006, X - 65g, S - 65g, R - 65g, Lite - 55g


Cobra S3 Driver Specifications

Style and Design

The Cobra S3 Driver has a black crown with the Cobra logo alignment aid and a traditional silver face with grooves along the bottom and outer edge. The sole of the club is much meaner and nastier than the S2 with sharp black, gold and silver fangs apparent throughout the design. The driver mergers a very traditional look (face and crown) with that of a more modern club in the wild, reptilian sole design.

Cobra S3 Driver S3 Driver Face and Address View

Cobra S3 Fairway Wood

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The Cobra S3 Fairway Woods will give you more distance with the 25% larger face and increased size of the Sweet Zone. These clubs also have an oversize profile, which brings with it a high moment of inertia that makes it a very forgiving club.

Head Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Grip: Cobra/Golf Pride
Shaft: Fujikura Blur TX 006, TX 004, S-63g, R-60g


Cobra S3 Fairway Wood Specifications

Cobra S3 Max: Driver and Fairway Wood

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The Max edition woods have two added features of technology to Cobra S3. The offset design helps the average golfer by promoting a square face at impact, aka a closed face for a draw bias (anti-slice). They have also integrated a unique crown alignment design, using visual clues at the back of the crown that open towards the face, rather than to a point at or near the face.

S3 Max Driver Specs

Cobra S3 Max Driver Specifications

S3 Max Fairway Wood Specs

Cobra S3 Max Fairway Wood Specifications

Cobra S3 Irons / S3 Iron-Hybrid Set

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Cobra S3 IronsCobra S3 Irons use E9 Face Technology; a new, advanced system that creates a larger Sweet Zone for increased distance and accuracy. Cobra has also introduced a new shape and design to the cavity back iron - Progressive Cavity Design. The new back-cavity shape and optimized face thickness progress from elliptical on your long-irons to circular on your short-irons. This design element works to optimize distance and feel based on typical golfer impact patterns. The Cobra S3 Irons also incorporate:

Special High-strength Composition

A high-strength steel and alloy composition in the long- and mid-irons allows for a thinner, hotter face for increased COR and ball speed.

Multi-material Construction

New hidden internal polymer topline and full cavity TPU (thermoplastic urethane) combine to optimize weight distribution and dampen vibration for superior feel and distance.

Stepped Crescent Sole Design

A versatile mid-width sole narrows in the toe and heel to provide superior turf interaction to promote more consistent distance and accuracy.

Baffler-style Hybrids

Available in the S3 Iron-Hybrid set to promote more forgiveness and a higher ball flight than standard longirons and provide more consistency and versatility.


Cobra S3 Irons Specifications

Cobra S3 Max Irons / S3 Max Iron-Hybrid Set

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Cobra S3 Max IronsThe Cobra S3 Max Irons are designed for mid- to high-handicap golfers who want maximum forgiveness and high launch. Gain a little more of that forgiveness and launch with the S3 Max Iron-Hybrid Set which replaces long-irons with Baffler-style hybrids. Here are the features of this new set, all designed around increased forgiveness and a higher launch:


Consistent Distance Gapping

From hybrids to short-irons, the iron-hybrid set is designed to provide consistent and reliable distances from one club to the next.

Low Profile Design

Shifts the center of gravity low and back.

Railed, Powerback Sole

Improves turf interaction for more consistency and power at contact.


Cobra S3 Max Irons Specifications

Cobra S3 Pro Irons

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Cobra S3 Pro IronsCobra's “player profile” for the S3 Pro Irons is Low-handicap golfers seeking improved control and workability in a Tour-proven design. Similar to an iron-hybrid combo set, the S3 Pro Irons offer a mixed bag of Cavity-back Long and Mid-irons for control and forgiveness on longer shots and Muscle-back Short-irons for feel and workability closer to the green. With so many golfers going to the hybrids for their long-irons, it's nice to see a combo set with more of a player's style for the lower handicaps.


Cobra S3 Pro Irons Specifications

On the Course

The first thing we're excited to see and try out is the driver with the E9 Face Technology. While different golfers have different mishits at different times, we are intrigued by the moving of the sweet spot slightly away from center to high and right where the majority of mishits are and excited to see how this performs in the long-term. Equally as exciting is the variety offered in the iron category, giving more players more options with the cavity, muscle and hybrid combo sets available. This much variety within a series will make it easier for golfers to settle in to a comfortable set of sticks in their bag. And finally, with all the flash and color out there, it's nice to see such a simple design on an iron. It's not for everyone, but it's good to have a classic look on the shelves.