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    New and Used Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver Golf Clubs


    Certified Preowned
    Tour Edge
    Exotics C722
    Player Type
    Clubs Type
    Right Hand
    Lie Angle
    Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 Graphite
    Has Headcover
    Has Tool
    Shaft Material

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    The new Exotics C722 Driver features a 2-tier front/back weighting system that creates industry-leading MOI and spin rates. Ridgeback technology is a spine that acts like a brace, producing more power across the face to the perimeters. It's now 20% thinner with increased stability for a stronger feel at impact. Carbon Wrap technology is an extreme wrap-around design with 26% more carbon fiber. The weight savings allows Tour Edge to create the most optimal CG location 47% closer to the face to generate more face flex and power. The 2-tier front/back weighting system creates extreme MOI with adjustability and incredible spin rate manipulation.

    Certified Preowned

    Buying pre-owned clubs is a great way get clubs in your bag without having to pay the full price of a brand new club. At GlobalGolf, we bring peace of mind to the buying process by offering a unique club condition, GlobalGolf Certified Preowned.

    Each Certified Preowned club goes through a certification process by our trained professionals. The certification process includes:
    • Complete 6 - Point Inspection Process
    • Generic Headcover Included
    • Twelve - Month Limited Warranty
    • Thorough Cleaning
    • Visual Inspection
    GlobalGolf Certified Preowned 6 - Point Inspection Process covers the clubs from grip to sole, ensuring that the club(s) you purchase have been properly maintained and are in the best possible condition before making their way into your bag. The Twelve-Month Limited Warranty protects your club against all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. If your club is found to have a factory defect, our commitment is to promptly replace it or issue a credit for the full amount. No questions asked.

    Learn More About Certified Preowned Here.
    Certified Preowned Condition
    Driver Example
    EXAMPLE IMAGE: Certified Preowned Condition Driver
    Certified Preowned Condition
    Driver Video
    PLAY VIDEO: Certified Preowned Condition Driver


    • Ridgeback Technology - Bracing at center face creates more power and feel across the face.
    • Carbon Wrap Technology - Carbon wrap extends to the sole to saves extreme weight and allows for enhanced CG placement.
    • Dual Weighting System - 2-tier front/back weighting system with a 20g back weight and 5g front weight that are interchangeable to dial in MOI.
    • Diamond Face VFT - Full face forgiveness and amazing ball speed.
    • Internal Sound Diffusion Ribbing - Strategically placed sound-enhancing ribs improves acoustic properties by diffusing sound waves at impact.

    Technology / Specs

    Tour Edge C722 Driver

    Tour Edge C722 Driver hero

    Unique Adjustability and Incredible Power in Players' Design

    The new C722 Driver by Tour Edge combines new face and head materials with advanced technologies to produce a driver with incredible feel, premium adjustability, and unrivaled distance.

    Tour Edge C722 Driver face

    Diamond Face VFT

    Behind the face of the Tour Edge C722 Driver lies Tour Edge's Diamond Face VFT. This inserts 61 Diamond shapes ranging in thickness behind the face to create "mini-trampolines" that boost ball speed across more area of the face.

    Tour Edge C722 Driver address

    Ridgeback and Carbon Wrap Crown Technologies

    The combination of Ridgeback and Carbon Wrap technologies on the crown of the Tour Edge C722 Driver offer ideal characteristics for more distance. The Ridgeback Technology lies on the spine of the crown to improve stability at impact. The Carbon Wrap that surrounds the Ridgeback saves considerable weight to optimize CG for ideal launch and distance.

    Tour Edge C722 Driver hero a

    Double Sole Weights

    The sole of the Tour Edge C722 Driver features 2 perfectly placed weights that can be changed to match your desired ball flight and swing.

    Tour Edge C722 Driver toe

    Internal Ribbing Promotes Melodic Sound

    Strategically placed sound ribs within the head of the Tour Edge C722 Driver produce diffusing sound waves at impact, giving you clean sounds on every swing.

    Tour Edge C722 Driver Specs (9.5° Model)

    Model Loft Hosel Set Adjusted Loft Lie Angle Length
    9.5° O 9.5° 59° 45.5"
    9.5° O- 8.5° 59.5° 45.5"
    9.5° -- 7.5° 60° 45.5"
    9.5° U- 8.5° 61° 45.5"
    9.5° UO 9.5° 62° 45.5"
    9.5° U+ 10.5° 61.5° 45.5"
    9.5° ++ 11.5° 60.5° 45.5°
    9.5° O+ 10.5° 59.5° 45.5"

    Tour Edge C722 Driver Specs (10.5° Model)

    Model Loft Hosel Set Adjusted Loft Lie Angle Length
    10.5° O 10.5° 59° 45.5"
    10.5° O- 9.5° 59.5° 45.5"
    10.5° -- 8.5° 60° 45.5"
    10.5° U- 9.5° 61° 45.5"
    10.5° UO 10.5° 62° 45.5"
    10.5° U+ 11.5° 61.5° 45.5"
    10.5° ++ 12.5° 60.5° 45.5°
    10.5° O+ 11.5° 59.5° 45.5"

    Tour Edge C722 Driver In-Line Shafts

    Model Flex Weight Launch Torque
    Fujikura Air Speeder 35 R3 (L) 40.5g High 9.0°
    Fujikura Air Speeder 40 R2 (A) 44.5g High 8.5°
    Fujikura Air Speeder 40 R (R) 46.5g High 8.0°
    Fujikura Ventus Red 5 R R 58g Mid 3.7°
    Fujikura Ventus 6 S S 67g Mid 3.3°
    Fujikura Ventus 6 R R 63g Mid 3.5°
    Fujikura Ventus 6 S S 67g Mid 3.1°
    Fujikura Ventus Blue X X 69g Mid 3.1°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AW RAW Orange 65 S 69g Mid 4.4°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Orange 65 X 70g Mid 4.3°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue 65 R 65g Mid 4.4°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue 65 S 67g Mid 3.9°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue 65 X 68g Mid 3.3°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue 75 S 77g Mid 3.9°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue 75 X 78g Mid 3.4°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW White 65 S 66g Low 3.5°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW White 65 X 69g Low 3.5°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW White 75 S 75g Low 3.1°
    Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW White 75 X 77g Low 3.0°