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  • New and Used Cobra King F9 SpeedBack Iron Set Golf Clubs


    Very Good
    King F9 SpeedBack
    Player Type
    Clubs Type
    6-PW, AW Iron Set
    Right Hand
    Lie Angle
    Fujikura ATMOS Black 6 Graphite
    Has Headcover
    Has Tool
    Shaft Material

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    The King F9 SpeedBack irons are a combination of tungsten weighting and innovative shaping to deliver the most powerful and stable COBRA iron. In addition, features a 3 piece multi-material medallion design that contains aluminum, TPU, and acrylic foam damps vibrations to promote a softer, more responsive feel. These irons are forged E9 Pwrshell™ Face Technology that offers a thicker face design that’ll expand the sweet zone for a higher launch and faster ball speeds across a larger area on the face.

    Condition Description

    Clubs in Very Good Condition have been played with and cared for in an appropriate fashion. The markings that you will likely find on Very Good Condition products will show typical wear of models of its age. All of the wear is purely cosmetic, and will not in any way affect the performance of the club. Among the wear that you may see on clubs in Very Good Condition: NOTE: Some irons are designed to rust over time. This is not considered adverse wear. Normal ball marks on the faces; minor scratching on the soles; no significant dings on the heads; no significant wear on the shafts.
    Very Good Condition
    Iron Set Example
    EXAMPLE IMAGE: Very Good Condition Iron Set
    Very Good Condition
    Iron Set Video
    PLAY VIDEO: Very Good Condition Iron Set


    • CNC Milled Face & Grooves that deliver more precise face and groove structures for improved spin and trajectory performance
    • Cobra Connect that features electronically enabled grips that work in conjunction with the Arccos Caddie app, allowing users to track their stats and improve their game
    • Shorter hosels in the 5-6 irons lower the CG for increased launch and distance
    • Taller hosels in the wedges raise the CG for lower, more controlled trajectories

    Technology / Specs

    Cobra King F9 Speedback Irons Overview

    Back of iron head

    Speedback Design

    The speedback design adds mass to the lower and wider parts of the club, lowering CG and allowing players to maximize ball speed while still having a conventional size sole width.

    inside and back of iron head removed

    Multi-Materail Medallion

    The three materials in the speedback iron medallions are aluminum, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and acrylic foam. All three materials are lightweight and act as dampeners to the vibrations the club gives off at the striking point, making these clubs have a responsive feel to them that players want.

    Progressive groove shaping

    Spin Technology

    In the longer irons (4-7), v-shaped grooves were milled into the face to create less spin for more distance and flight time. In the shorter irons (8-PW), u-shaped grooves were milled into the face for optimized spin for improved control and accuracy. In the wedges (GW-SW), tightly spaced u-shape grooves were milled for extra spin and precision around the green.

    Progressive hosel length and shape

    Hosel Length

    The CG is lowered in the long irons (4-6) for extra launch and distance with those clubs. In the 7-9 irons, a slightly longer hosel promotes a bit less launch and lowers the CG some. The wedges have the longest hosel's, raising the CG up the most giving those clubs more accuracy than the other irons.

    Cobra King F9 Speedback Irons Specs

    Club Loft Lie Standard Length Graphite SW Steel SW
    4 19.5° 62° 39.25" C9 D1
    5 22.5° 62.5° 38.5" C9 D1
    6 25.5° 63° 37.75" C9 D1
    7 29.5° 63.5° 37.25" C9 D1
    8 34° 64° 36.75" C9 D1
    9 39° 64.5° 36.25" C9 D1
    PW 44° 65° 36" D0 D2
    GW 49° 65° 35.75" D0 D2
    SW 54° 65° 35.5" D1 D3