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Find the Perfect Golf Apparel and Shoe Size with True Fit

True Fit Blog Hero

Shopping for men’s and women’s golf apparel and shoes online doesn’t have to be risky when you have True Fit. Once you’ve found the perfect golf shirt, cool golf hoodie or stylish golf shoes (perhaps through our golf shoe selector tool, USelect™), it’s time to decide on the size. Since you can’t try clothes on virtually (yet), this is where True Fit comes in.

True Fit is integrated into so you know which size to order. All you have to do is answer a couple simple questions that you already know the answer to, and they do the rest!

Having a tool like True Fit has so many benefits for our customers. Being matched with the correct size based on your apparel and shoe experiences means it’s less risky to shop online and less likely that you’ll have to return items. And if you’re shopping for someone else, you can make a much more educated guess about an item you know they’re going to love.

The days of buying two sizes of everything in your cart are over - True Fit gives you the confidence to select your size accurately.

How Does True Fit Work?

The True Fit size calculator is a magical tool, so GlobalGolf is going to answer your questions about how it works so you can give it a try.

You only have to answer a short set of questions one time, and then True Fit will generate accurate sizes. These questions will ask what sizes you typically wear in your favorite brands and then they automatically calculate the difference in the brands you’re currently shopping for.

How Will True Fit Know the Right Size?

The True Fit size calculator for shoes and apparel translates your past experiences into data you can confidently use to purchase your future wardrobe.

Why Should I Become a True Fit Member?

When you become a True Fit member, you can feel confident about your online purchases any time you see their logo on a site. The more sizing data saved to your profile, the more accurate your sizing recommendations for each brand.

Sizing Questions About GlobalGolf’s Brands

Though True Fit covers the brunt of the size selection, we’ve also fielded some questions about specific brands on GlobalGolf. We hope these answers will increase your confidence even more around golf shoes specifically.

Do PUMA Golf Shoes Run Large or Small?

Puma Ignite Fasten8 Spikeless Golf Shoes

The verdict for most PUMA golf shoes is that they run slightly narrower than your average golf shoe size, like an Adidas golf shoe, for example. If True Fit recommends a golf shoe that is a half-size larger than you’re used to, don’t be alarmed.



Are Nike Golf Shoes True to Size?

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Golf Shoe

Most experiences point to Nike golf shoes running a bit small, so it won’t be a surprise if a larger size is suggested when you’re shopping.


If you’re not sure which brand to start with, here are a few apparel and shoe guides to kick off your shopping spree:

GlobalGolf has integrated True Fit into our site because we want you to feel confident about your golf apparel and shoe purchases. Next time you see something you like, don’t forget to review True Fit’s calculation for more accuracy around sizing.