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The Correct Grip Technique

Updated: Oct 16, 2014

An important thing to remember when discussing grip pressure is that a player’s optimal grip pressure depends on the individual’s physical composition. The amount of grip pressure necessary for a fluid and consistent golf swing is relative to the golfer’s physical makeup. What all players should work towards is maintaining a constant pressure throughout the swing motion. It is physically impossible to grip the club loosely throughout the swing motion. Gripping the club loosely at address will guarantee a spike in grip pressure during your swing motion and there is a direct correlation between erratic grip pressure and bad golf. A player should strive for a consistently firm grip during every full swing. Don’t get the word “firm” confused with "tight”. A tight grip at address inevitably results in a mechanically forceful and rigid swing. A firm grip allows you to maintain control of the club while making a smooth and rhythmic swing. Keep in mind that being able to maintain a constant pressure will not happen overnight: better golfers are able to maintain a relaxed and consistently firm grip throughout the swing motion because of a fundamentally sound technique and lots of repetition. has a wide variety of golf grips ranging from standard to jumbo size with rubber, corded and cutting edge synthetic construction options available for purchase. In addition, we have recently unveiled a new Golf Club Regripping Service on our website. This service allows you to customize the grip on any pre-owned club. The combination of a perfected grip technique and an optimized putter grip will undoubtedly result in a better game.