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    Pro Tip: Say Hello to the Mizuno ST-230 Drivers and More

    Pro Tip: Say Hello to the Mizuno ST-230 Drivers and More

    Mizuno is a brand well-known for its players irons, but over the years they’ve continued to develop and design powerful drivers that make an impact every time you step foot on the golf course. With the 2023 release, players can expect increased adjustability, farther distances, boosted versatility and much more.

    The Mizuno ST-230 line comes with five unique offerings:

    • ST-X 230 driver
    • ST-Z 230 driver
    • ST-X PLTNM 230 driver
    • ST-Z 230 fairway wood
    • ST-Z 230 hybrid

    Across the line, players can expect enhanced workability, rounder clubheads, powerful impacts and maximum stability.

    What’s New in the Mizuno ST-Z 230 and ST-X 230 Drivers?

    Every year, Mizuno Golf proves that it understands its customers, spending time, energy and resources into creating immaculate clubs that stand the test of time. 2023 is no different, with the Mizuno ST-230 series hitting the course just in time for season.

    Building upon the previous ST-220 line, these drivers offer the same reliability and workability, but provide players of all skill sets with a bit more flexibility and forgiveness.

    CORTECH Chamber

    The biggest change to the Mizuno drivers in 2023 is the incorporation of CORTECH Chamber technology.

    Mizuno’s inclusion of CORTECH technology offers more solid, consistent power thanks to a robust, steel-encased chamber moving more weight towards the front of the clubface. This provides impeccable stability and a durable feel to reduce spin rates and increase distance.

    This innovative weighting system was tried and tested, maximizing energy input and output to provide the most commanding contact. This complex system also offers players, regardless of skill level, the opportunity to work their form and swing with maximum results.

    Introducing the Mizuno ST-230 Drivers

    Mizuno ST-X 230 Driver for Mid Handicaps

    The Mizuno ST-X 230 driver is a standout club to help your next shot off the tee go faster and farther than ever before.

    The Mizuno ST-X 230 club is a stable, aesthetically-pleasing driver that’s adjustable, making it great for shot shaping and fixing your slice thanks to the draw bias. There are elements of workability so you can continue practicing and growing as a player – an ideal club for mid handicappers.

    The Mizuno ST-X 230 driver is complex, boosted with an innovative CORTECH Chamber for more efficient, accurate shots. This technology enhances overall feel, reducing vibration while increasing ball speeds.


    Mizuno ST-X PLTNM 230 Driver for High Handicaps

    The Mizuno ST-X PLTNM driver is a lightweight version of the ST-X 230 driver that provides higher launches and a bigger draw-bias great for higher handicap players with slower swing speeds.

    The weight and design of this driver provides ample opportunity to send your ball far as you continue to improve your game.

    The CORTECH Chamber also enhances your power, delivering a solid, smooth feel upon impact.

    Mizuno ST-Z 230 Driver for Low Handicaps

    The Mizuno ST-Z 230 driver offers a straight-biased design to correct errant shots and increase accuracy. It comprises a modern player profile for increased stability so you can achieve consistency when it counts the most.

    A powerful core and a lower center of gravity also makes it easier to gain higher launch angles and lower spin for farther distances with a piercing flight trajectory.

    These additions, plus the enhanced feel from the CORTECH Chamber, make the Mizuno ST-Z 230 driver a great option for lower handicaps.


    Mizuno ST-Z 230 Fairway Woods and Hybrids for Mid to High Handicaps

    The Mizuno ST-Z 230 line also includes a fairway wood and a hybrid for low to mid handicap players. The CORTECH Chamber continues to add an optimal feel to these Mizuno golf clubs as well.

    Mizuno ST-Z 230 Fairway Woods

    The Mizuno ST-Z 230 fairway wood comprises a steel clubface and powerful weight innovation to offer more distance through vault speed and provide consistency. This carbon-fiber club is light, strong and stable to help you make that next shot count.


    Mizuno ST-Z 230 Hybrids

    The Mizuno ST-Z 230 hybrid is a highly adjustable, low-spinning and high-launching golf club built to achieve optimal trajectory upon impact. The lowered sweet spot and center of gravity helps players achieve optimal launches, increasing distance through reduced ball speeds all while offering that same, solid feel.


    Mizuno ST-230 Drivers vs. Mizuno ST-220 Drivers

    As Mizuno continues to reformat, reshape and expand upon its golf driver technology, we see key differences between lines that only get better. The latest Mizuno ST-230 line is no exception, expanding upon previous innovations to make a golf club that can help you achieve the perfect shot regardless of handicap.

    Compared to the Mizuno ST-220 line, which offered the ST-Z 220 driver for lower handicaps and the ST-X 220 driver for mid to high handicappers, the ST-230 drivers offer a more rounded clubhead and unique weight placement to provide increased workability to reach higher, more optimal lofts, farther distances and an overall more solid feel throughout your round.

    Advanced technology, such as the CORTECH Chamber, also provides added strength, durability and power.

    Which Mizuno Driver Is Right for Me?

    USelect® to Find the Perfect Fit

    Our USelect® golf club selector tool allows you to find the golf clubs that meet your unique needs. Our selector system matches you with quality, tailored clubs based on your personal preferences. You can then filter by brand or club type to pick the club that’s right for you.

    UTry® for a Few Extra Practice Shots

    UTry® is an optimal system for those that want to try out drivers, a set of irons and more before you buy. We know how important it is to have a set of golf clubs that feels right, and having the option to try them at home provides that peace of mind.

    Enjoy two weeks of gameplay while you decide on the golf clubs that help you perfect your swing.

    U-Trade-In® to Upgrade Your Mizuno Golf Clubs

    Do you have golf clubs you’re ready to trade in for something newer? GlobalGolf’s U-Trade-In® service lets you send in your current set of golf clubs for credit that can be used towards future purchases. The latest Mizuno drivers just got a whole lot more affordable.

    Buy Used Golf Clubs and Save

    Here at GlobalGolf, we want to make sure everyone can enjoy their time on the golf course regardless of budget. That’s why we provide the option to buy used golf clubs to continue your journey without breaking your wallet.

    Peruse our catalog of used Mizuno drivers, irons and more and choose the golf clubs that take your game to the next level.


    Ace Your Next Tee Shot With Mizuno Golf Drivers

    Mizuno’s 2023 ST-230 series of golf drivers includes the ST-X 230 driver, ST-X PLTNM 230 driver, ST-Z 230 driver, ST-Z 230 fairway wood and hybrid – this offers ample options for you to choose from depending on your level of expertise – from low to mid and even higher handicaps.

    Mizuno Golf continues to perfect its golf club designs with innovative weighting, sleek shaping, powerful core technologies and modern touches to provide a robust set of drivers perfect for seasoned golfers, amateur players and everyone in between.

    A CORTECH Chamber matched with a titanium build ensures your golf ball goes farther and faster, with more consistency. Enjoy complete workability, forgiveness and flexibility across all Mizuno driver options from this line.

    Mizuno’s ST-230 golf clubs do not disappoint.