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How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

Updated: Oct 16, 2014

Published: April 15, 2008
Modified: September 24, 2012

The last few times I went to the driving range, my slicing was driving me crazy. About 80% of time, I would slice the ball. I could not consistently hit the golf ball straight. Was it my club? My stance? My grip? My friend grabbed the driver that I was using and hit it over 250 yards and as straight as can be. I ruled the club out as being the problem.

Then my friend said something to me that helped reduce my slice and hit the ball consistently. He told me to stare at an imaginary spot on the back of the golf ball before, during and after my swing. He said I would be able to follow the ball after the swing once it became a habit, but until then, I had to keep staring at that spot at the back of the ball.

Using this method got me to where I was slicing only about 50% of the time. I then tried something else that helped me reduce my slicing even more. This time I stared at the back center of the ball, but then shifted my focus to a spot a dimple or two over from the center, away from me. This little change helped me hit the ball straight about 80% of the time.

This can work for you too. If you're standing directly over the ball looking down, stare at the back of the ball and then shift your focus slightly to the far side of the ball.

To make focusing easier, bring a permanent marker with you and put a small dot on the ball (or use the logo on the ball). Before you tee off, put a dot in the spot you want and keep your eye on it before, during and after swinging. It's a simple tip, but it's an easy and effective way to create a straight flight.

Article written by
Al Scillitani

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