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  • Callaway I-MIX Golf Clubs Instructions

    Updated: Jun 02, 2014
    This article introduces products from a previous model year.
    To see the latest innovations from Callaway, please visit our Callaway golf clubs page.

    Published: April 18, 2008
    Modified: February 25, 2014

    Callaway's line of i-MIX clubs features over 700 configurations so that you can adjust each club to your individual playing style. Here's how to optimize an i-MIX club:

    1. Insert the shaft into Callaway I-MIX clubhead. There is an arrow chevron that should be facing the crown of the clubhead (there is an arrow chevron on the crown as well). Push down on it so the shaft is fully seated.
    2. Finger tighten the shaft nut to the clubhead.
    3. Slide then wrench that comes with club completely over the shaft nut. The wrench must go on the shaft the correct way. The top of the wrench will say, "This side away from clubhead."
    4. Turn the wrench in the direction indicated on the wrench to tighten.
    5. Tighten until you hear a click and the red indicator appears in the window on the wrench.

    To remove the shaft, slide the wrench on the shaft and turn it in the opposite direction of the arrow on the wrench. When the shaft nut is completely free, remove shaft from clubhead.



    I-MIX Callaway Golf logo Callaway Golf Logo

    The Driver re-invented, so you can re-invent your game.

    I-MIX Callaway Golf Steps

    Callaway I-MIX

    You can quickly and easily customize your driver by selecting a clubhead and shaft to meet the challenge of the day. Choose from 22 clubheads with I-MIX Technology and more than thirty five of the most popular shafts in the game for more than 700 possible I-MIX combinations.

    Callaway Golf I-MIX pop-up I-MIX Technology
    Titanium Cup Face for maximum ball speed and forgiveness. Threaded tri-lobular dock delivers taper lock force. OptiFit Weighting System customizable with Draw or Neutral center of gravity biases.

    I-MIX Strategy
    Create Variations of your new driver. Add loft, subtract loft, choose Draw or Neutral to support your game.

    I-MIX Quality
    Players that tested I-MIX clubs described them as "indistinguishable" from traditional clubs. Bottom line, I-MIX clubs give you the quality you want with the flexibility you need.

    Why Buy I-MIX

    • The player, in essence, has their own Tour Van for customization.
    • The player chooses over 700 possible I-MIX configurations.
    • The player may choose to have a high-launch shaft in the club head when the weather is calm, or if the ground is wet. Conversely the player may choose to have a lower-launch shaft in the club head when it is windy or dry.
    • To have conventional drivers re-shafted, the player must take the club to a repair facility, wait a day or two, and pay anywhere from $20 to $40 just for the installation, not including the cost of the shaft. With these clubs, it takes less than 2 minutes, and you can do it yourself, wherever you like.

    I-MIX head Technology
    Take control of your game everyday with I-Mix™ technology from Callaway Golf. Choose from 22 tour-proven FT-i® and FT-5® club heads now available with I-Mix™ technology. I-Mix™ interchangeable club heads let you modify your driver to meet the unique conditions of every round. Find the club head that fits your swing and start your I-Mix collection today.

    I-MIX Callaway FT-9 Driver Head FT-9®
    The FT-9 Driver is the latest evolution in clubhead design. The Callaway FT-9 Tour Draw driver features a 460cc Fusion Technology head that creates maximum perimeter weighting with a carbon composite body and titanium cup face, allowing for precise Center of Gravity positioning and more stability on off-center shots.
    Shop all I-MIX FT-9 club heads

    I-MIX SHAFT Technology
    I-Mix technology opens the door for a wide variety of shaft options from golf’s most recognizable shaft makers, including Aldila®, Fujikura®, Grafalloy®, Graphite Design™, Mitsubishi Rayon, and UST®. Constructed of precision-milled, aerospace-grade aluminum and titanium, the I-Mix shaft tip produces unbeatable taper-lock force when connected to an I-Mix shaft. Choose more than one; vary the length, weight, and flex to supplement your round’s ever-changing conditions.